Tarakava Takedown [BRICKONICLE MOC]

The relentless Tarakava is harassing the Chronicler, Takua!

Build the NEW Ga-Koro harpoon cannon and take down the wild beast!

Tarakava Takedown from LEGO BIONICLE!

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This was a BRICKONICLE set I made for funziez, set no. 12345: Tarakava Takedown. It displays a fight between Takua, Hahli, and a Tarakava.

Set Info:
Price: $14.99 USD, 14.99€, £11.99
Pieces: 159 (not including extra springloaded missile/studs)
Minifigs: 2
Ages: 8-14

Ga-Koro Harpoon Cannon
Used by the Ga-Matoran of Ga-Koro to catch large fish, the harpoon cannon is a more than helpful tool to the area’s inhabitants.

Although its powerful blast could instantly kill any Matoran, the harpoon might just be able to temporarily paralyze the Tarakava.

The Tarakava
With the appearance of a frog, but the speed of a lightning fast Kikanalo, the Tarakava was bred to be a true powerhouse on any battlefield!

The rahi was raised by the fierce Makuta clan to quickly annihilate whatever opponent they may have, although said beasts are extremely hard to tame.

Two powerful Zamor launchers were attached to the Tarakava’s back, allowing the rahi to skillfully attack its foes from a distance.

Takua- The adventurous Ta-Matoran that currently holds the title of The Chronicler.
Hahli- The shy yet wise Ga-Matoran.


Ga-Koro Harpoon Cannon

The Tarakava

Hahli’s Hook Blaster

New Pieces/Other Notes
Similar to my BRICKONICLE entries, I wanted to have visuals to fill this spot. I’m a not-so good artist, so I will just list them out:

The minifigures would get prints for their legs, arms, and torso and the “journal” Takua is holding would include a print for the 2x1 plate and the cover.

Additionally, I would have loved to use this piece on the Tarakava’s hands, but I currently do not own any in black.

Criticism is more than welcomed!


He just wants a hug :sweat:

Nice interpretation of the Tarakava, with the big-ol gorilla arms. The harpoon n land piece is a neat addition


At least he still has his good ol’ buddy, Manas.


There actually is a harpoon type piece for the spring-fire missiles, but it comes in some hard to get sets so you might not have it.

Although I own the piece, it doesn’t really look “harpoonish” to me. That’s why I just went for the good ol’ basic ammo.


I thought his guns were his eyes and I’m still reeling from that assumption.


Pro tip, don’t make the blaster studs the same as the eyes, I thought the blaster was the face at first.

It appears I’m not alone.


It honestly doesn’t look that bad IRL, since the “backpack” is pretty darn far from the head.

I think the backpack shooting thingy is a little bit disruptive to the shape of the Tarakava. maybe it would be better if it was a different color so it wouldn’t look like it was part of the tarakava.

Other than that I think its a fun and goofy interpretation of the Tarakava in system :+1:

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I’m not too sure if a difference in color would really help, since it would just make it look odd on the Tarakava. Besides, since he’s a robit dood thing, shouldn’t his extra robit dood thing bits match him? :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks mu dood

When you manage to figure out what’s what yes, however when I first saw it, I thought the actual eyes were nostrils and the blasters were the eyes, with it basically being a head with arms on wheels.

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this is pretty cool,love that buff tarakava

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That Tarakava is awesome.

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Nicely built, not seeing too much Tarakava in it, though.