Tariffe the garghariffe

Tariffe was born and raised in a unknown secret laboratory underground by a experimental DNA machine using half the garhgarack Guardian of a ancient tomb’s DNA and half DNA of the race called the darklens who are life forms chaos mischief and Anarchy.
In the lab where he was being tested of he’s abilities throughout all day long and when he refuses sometimes they will forced him to do it against his will.
Tariffe befriend a female darklen named Aliatar where she was forced against her will as well which they heated it severely and were at their breaking point
inevitably the camel’s back was broken Tariffe finally had enough of everything done to him and decided to take Aliatar with him no matter what happened.
Tariffe and Alitar They manage to escape the laboratory from underground but they were extremely exhausted and pass out when Tariffe woke up he didn’t find Aliatar anywhere in sight or reach since he trust her with his life so dearly and wants her back so desperately

Tariffe’s theme song https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gRlHBTYKyVg


oh god
this looks awseome
very venom inspired!

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woah this thing looks really creepy
I quite like the amount of detail put into the moc, nice job!


Thank you @ToaGali416 and yes venom was the main inspiration for him :grin:

Thank you @Rukah I really appreciate that and I didn’t even notice I put details into him Thank you buddy I really mean it :hugs:

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I think it’s mostly the teeth/claw/tentacle pieces


Yeah your not entirely wrong tho :thinking:

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I misread that as giraffe


OH my dear goodness…
Are for real Mr @Heyzorks :rofl: you can’t be serious

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I was slightly joking. i also really like the head design on this moc.

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Oh… okay yeah… I’m not much of a joking person for say but thank you for the compliment :wink:

He does have a pretty long neck

He looks really cool, especially in the 3rd and 5th photos


I’m not joking when I say that I did misread it, so my disappointment was immeasurable when I saw it wasn’t even a mutant giraffe or something.

Anyways, as always erron, there is a distinct style to your creations even down to the colour palette and tall designs. The venom inspiration here is clear and it works well. I’ll admit to would be interesting to see you tackle a more colourful design or a stout character rather than a tall one. But that’s just mah two cents.


Nice build, the creativity level is off the charts

Venom music intensifies

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