Tarkuak spider-mantis

One day I got a whole bunch of new white and red parts and kept trying to figure out what to make finally I came to this.
Basically it is an earwig mixed with a praying mantis mixed with a mutant spider. I don’t exactly have any backstory for it yet but if it is wanted then I will come up with one. I am pretty sure I used like 16 or something ball joint pieces which why I haven’t exactly had new Mocs for a while but yah hope y’all’s like it


That’s a pretty one.

This MOC is fantastic! Something about its general appearance just REALLY appeals to me.

It’s a beautiful spider thing. Looks lovely n all. Wish it had more eyes but the tusks/upward fans are interesting

Really cool looking!

I see the spider, but not the mantis, mostly because I was expecting some raptorial forelimbs.

Good MOC. I like the color scheme and use of two-colored pieces in end of legs; and head pincers. But also i think it a bit overweight, middle legs are too thick.

Thanks to everyone so far
Also @darkbrick999 the forelimbs are used for crutch like legs when walking but when attacking they are used like a praying mantis would
Also here are some more pics

that’s pretty awesome

i really like this and i like how you also added some red to go with the red and white pieces

This is the kind of spider you could find in a Souls game: creepy but absolutely amazing.
I especially love how you executed the mandibles/pincers.

Can we see an image of how it looks from the back?

Okay, the pictures help, but it still looks more spider than mantis.

The picture of the back is in the link

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Looking really good!

Looks pretty amazin’ , but i’m worried for the rubber tips of the front legs.

The tips of the primal blades actually aren’t supporting any weight except for what is needed to balance the moc

I feel like this thing is going to grab my face and take over my mind.

This is really cool! Great use of the Krika mantis-like sword things. <— Nice description

I don’t know where the praying mantis aspect is in this MOC, but it still look neat!

Eljay had better watch his back.