Tarkur's Reviews: Set 8560 Pahrak, essentially every Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal

Hello again!

#Introduction(Introduces you to the review)
Tarkur here with another review of mine with an updated review format for you to enjoy. Today we’re taking a look at the all too well know Bohrok or more specifically set 8560 Pahrak. Since they are all clone sets I’m gonna treat this as a basic review for all of them.

##Overview(set information and other fun facts)

Name: Pahrak
Set: 8650
Pieces: 40
Released: 2002
MSRP(Info was taken from Brickset): 8.00 USD
The set Pahrak and every other Bohrok had the chance of including a Mini-comic featuring art from the 2002 comics. These comics were given out in the Bohrok sets in 2002 as a teaser for the 2002 storyline. This was a recurring thing for later sets as well namely the Toa Nuva, the Bohrok-Kal, the Rahkshi, the 2004 Matoran and the Toa Metru. Some mini-comics could also be found in the supplemental products like Mask packs or the parts containers from 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single Bohrok Mini-comic too show you guys but it was a thing included with the Bohrok sets.

Here’s a picture of the front from the Bricklink catalogue.

##Contents(The contents of the sets)

This set contains 40 pieces, a Bohrok mini-comic(Picture up above), instructions, a canister(With clip to store the Bohrokin the canister), 1 extra piece and a random Mata green Krana(Ca, Bo, Xa, Vu, Ja, Za, Yo, Su).

This is all the pieces in this set, 25 of which are new pieces and out of these 25 there 11 recolours and 3 exclusive pieces at least in the colour brown.

This piece could be very hard to find new since it has yet to be sold as new on Bricklink. Used you can get this piece for 0.15 USD.

These pieces are the cheapest to get from this set since they all go for around 0.02 USD used.(To note: This is a thing I’m going to do in my reviews from now on list prices for different items in the set. All prices in my reviews are taken from the Average prices on Bricklink)

The rubber band to my surprise was actually the most pricey part from the whole set. This due to it costing around 1.19 USD new and 0.90 USD used. The reason for this is probably due to how easily this buggers can get lost or break from use even the most expensive Krana in the colour green(That being the Su) beats it’s cost if it’s used(A New Krana Su is still 0.22 USD cheaper than the rubber band)

I got a Krana Ca with my Pahrak. The Krana Ca in this color is currently valued at 0.69 USD new or 0.65 USD used

The extra piece is a rubber band holder in the old dark grey.

This is the lid for the canister and the clip for the storage feature.

Front of instructions

Various images from within the instructions:


Front artwork, Also you can see that there’s a piece count in the bottom canister and that’s because this is a USA/Canadian canister I order from bricklink awhile back.

The back sticker which could be peeled away for a function the canister has.

If you want to see the content prices for this set check out the shared document below(This list will eventually get updated to have prices for all Bohrok and their prices for you Army builders and collectors of Bohrok or lose figures. More info later in the review about this):

##The figure itself(We’re taking a look at the plastic Action figure that is this set.)

The figure from all sides.


Side 1


Side 2

Pahrak in transportation mode:

Size comparison(I will probably do an updated one with the 2002 titans when I get them)

##Functions(Sets got functions for play)

Canister storage function(Using Lehvaks canister for this example since it doesn’t have the sticker on the back)

Play functions

##Market prices(How much is this set worth today and is it better to piece it together or buy it complete)(This segment is inspired by Tolarian community college series "Is it worth to buy “Insert Mtg product here” ")

So this is the newest segment of my reviews and the main reason why I researched prices for the parts in this set. So is it worth the effort to pick this set up economically speaking, could you get more money for a set if you part it out or sell it as a whole figure? Is it cheaper to get parts separately or buying the set?

To answer both of these questions I will look at the different average prices of this set and its parts from Bricklink. So what do we got here, for the most part, there aren’t any too expensive pieces here and all of them within the price range of 0.02 USD to 0.80 USD except for the aforementioned rubber band and Krana Su, If you were to buy the figure complete from a seller you’d have to spend an average price of 4.95 USD. This will give you the chance of getting the canister and instructions with it and one random Krana unless the seller states what Krana it is of course. As you can see this price is just fine for one that only wants the figure but there’s a cheaper way too get this set if you were to piece the set together you’ll bring that price down to 2.71 USD used without Krana with any type of Krana the price would be around 3.00-3.50 USD used which is about 1 USD cheaper and if your one of those people whom would love to have a swarm of Bohrok with the Krana of your choice will greatly benefit you greatly.
Let’s say you’re a more of a completionist well if you want to buy the figure used with all promotional items such as the Bohrok mini-comic, a Bohrok swarms promo CD given awy in special Bohrok three packs, instructions and the original canister you’ll be needing to spend 9.94-10.41 USD with the Krana of your choice. Before you say “I can just buy one sealed and open it and then buy the CD by itself” let me tell you this if you were to buy this product sealed you’d have to pay a grand total of 28.50 USD and if you can stand used pieces then you can get new parts and all of the stated items up above for the grand total of 15.06-16.01 USD meaning you can save almost ten dollars plus you would not have to open a perfectly sealed set(I shiver at that thought, Is it only me?). So there’s actually more profitable for you as a consumer to piece this set together.

What if you want to sell the set well then your best bet is to sell the figure as is and maybe charge some cents more depending on the Krana that it has. It’s the same thing with a new set you as the seller will not get much back for putting in the extra effort to part this set out. There is an exception tho if you got this set incomplete you could probably part out the set for a small profit.

#Conclusion and final thoughts(My opinions here so deal with it)

This set as well as the other Bohroks I greatly enjoy(Maybe not the Kals tho :stuck_out_tongue:) it’s just something about this bugs that just catch my attention in every aspect of there concept and design and for being one of the earlier Bionicle sets they really do a nice job of being fun despite the lack of mobility in the joints but that’s also one of their many issues since it restricts so much of the pose-ability that could be had with these guys. Another thing that bugs me(See what I did there. Anyone?) is their size though they are really terrifying for Matorans and Turagas they aren’t much of a treat for the toa since they about half their size. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything can you and with that, I’ll conclude this review and give it there by a score of 5/10 for a good job well done.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did writing it. (Also your feedback is always welcomed)