Tarnek, The Ghost of War

Meet Tarnek in his biological form. Tarnek, before the Great War, was a rogue knight who was best known for his spy work, his agile movements, and his capability to use a greatsword in one hand. He left the kingdom on his own merits to explore the western world, but was abducted years later.


I really like this.

Great MOC. But I’m not getting much of a ghost vibe.

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I am insta-liking this.

Think of Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta. It’s more of a title than a literal sense.

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I like the look of him hunched over, looks really menacing.

The limbs seem kind of blocky, though, but it doesn’t take away too much!

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Seems legit.


The MOC has a really solid build, but the Rahkshi head looks a bit small for the rest of the build.

As clever as that is, I’m referring to a storyline that I’m personally working on.

im really liking this ! good job

It’s so sad, he appears to have suffered a serious downgrade after the war.

the arms on this are a little too far down for my tastes, otherwise its pretty alright
great job, :ok_hand:

Yep. Quite sad, but he doesn’t remember any of it.


His backstory is great. I wonder what happened to others in the war.