Taro, Bionicle Self-Moc By AmazingDirtHunter

This is Taro, my Bionicle Self Moc. He was created from parts of fallen toa and and dark hunters, on the shadowed one's command. Upon creation, he was named Extarox. He spent most of his time training his butt off, and in between that he was made clean up the dark hunter base. He was captured while on a mission, and had experiments done on him. After being rendered useless, the unidentified mad scientists decided to shock him to death. But they had underestimated what Taro was made of. Heck, all they did, was make him more powerful. He was super charged, he became bigger, stronger, smarter, and his mind was altered too. He now knew right from wrong. And he knew he had to put his new abilities to good use. Nowadays, on Spherus Magna, he trains the Toa Varta and is helping defeat Mulvarok(there is a deep story behind this, all will be explained in the Toa varta post) Here it is!

Side View:


Close ups, size comparisons, etc.

If you want a closer look at some specific part of him, just ask, I'll try get a picture of it up ASAP! Constructive criticism would be very appreicated, I am quite fond of Taro, but he isn't perfect, and I'm sure most of you are better mocers than ME. Also don't be afraid to tell me if you think something about him is just straight-out stupid. Build, Or backstory. Thanks for looking!


Cool MOC. I don't really understand what's on his back, though.


Thank you! Those are a sort of hyper jetpack, allows him to zoom around at high speeds, double jump, or even fly for short distances. Thanks for looking!


I think he looks pretty good. When I first read the bio I was thinking, "Oh boy, a MOC made of mixed up Toa parts.", but when I saw it not only does it convey the "junk" look but it looks good in doing so.


It looks solid, but there are some gaps when looking at it sideways. It's a great moc.



it's nice


Thanks you! I wanted to accomplish a few things, make him tall, make him not bulky, yet well armoured, little to no gaps and combining CCBS and classic bionicle in a manageable way. Proud to say I think I pulled most of that off.


I love the torso design! Especially how you used Keetorange Bohrok limbs for the shoulders!


I like it!

@Rockho Thank you! I am quite proud of that torso, it's just a shame you can't really tell whats going on, the terrible lighting, and I am kind of a crappy picture taker.

@Das101fulYT Glad to hear that! smiley

@SwagMeister I'm guessing you're referring to his legs in the running pose... yeah.

@Keravnos Thanks!

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@lurkingehlek Thanks! The mask was supposed to be a scraped and/or burned up mask of a toa they'd slain.

@kapuratheultimate Thanks! This moc was in construction for months, I would fiddle around with him pretty much everyday trying to upgrade him.

@TFM101 Yeah I am not very happy with that. But I think it's enough to tell basically what's going on, thanks for looking.

@oniwah exactly what I was going for.

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Normally I hate custom mask paints, but It really sells this Moc.
Very good structure, great colors and neat turbine concept.

Unsophisticated Xevian Review:
I like it.

Oh and the back reminds me of a Fallout power armor.

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Really cool. I can't really find any big flaws so I'll just give you a cookie instead. cookie

The mask (if it's trying to be burnt or singed i'm not sure or even Infected?)

doesnt look to well done

however it is a amazing looking build 9/10

I think the lighting could be better, but with what we've got, it looks like an excellent MOC.

Not a color scheme I would have tried, but it looks great on this MOC.

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I dn't know about anyone else, but I'm getting a serious Sev vibe from this MOC.


Awesome MOC! It looks really cool! You can have an awesome croc! crocodile

This is a great MOC and it is a an amazing balance between CCBS and the older BIONICLE pieces.