taro fawreth - the searin strategist

toa taro fawreth (he/him)
element: fire
kanohi: kerero - mask of strategy Kanohi Kerero, Great Mask of Strategy by Rothanak - Thingiverse
weapon: firestorm
tool: infinity bag
theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrHRpNKxBfI
taro fawreth is the leader of my self toa team - the toa xylas. he wears the kanohi kerero - the great mask of strategy. w it, he can quickly calculate a situation and formulate a plan that has a 95% chance of success. when formulating said plan, time seems to slow down for him. this is because the mask allows him 2 process information faster. the kanohi kerero can also analyze living beings n find information about them; such as their vital signs. in the off chance his plan fails, he’s left sloppy n unsure of what 2 do.

taro wields the firestorm, an ancient weapon capable of burnin a whole city 2 ashes. taro fawreth’s name’s an anagram of “the art of war”

like w my selfmoc toa fusion, he has an infinity bag, a magic pouch that works like a bag of holdin. lego should make more of these duplo backpacks n in diff colors than just red, blue n brown


Looks cool. Some better color blocking would be nice but I like his general aesthetic. Neat moc


how’s this?


Good, but it might be better if you removed/minimized the silver


Homie lit the desk on fire for the shot. Dedication to craft