Tarsis: The Cleanser

This MOC is old by now (I posted it 2 months ago on Flickr), but here it is.
A Witcher-y shamanistic warrior, my Self-MOC.


Never heard of you. MOC looks good. Dig the mane. Don’t remember if I critiqued him on MP or Flickr, but the lower arms aren’t great. Studs on the side of head are annoying too. Textures aren’t terrible but all over the place.

Agreed on all points. Like I said, really old MOC. The studs on the side of the head were kind of necessary though, since that piece covers up a huge gap.

Looks really cool. Unique head design, although it doesn’t look much like a Bionicle mask. Mostly just because it’s built from system, not any fault if this MOC in particular.

Could’ve sworn Tarsis was the Self-MOC of Smooth Jazz. Maybe I’m just misrecognizing the name?

…even matches the colors.

Still, decent enough MOC. Looks pretty alright, although the head is a bit unusual.

Sick head. The azure elements really help spice up the colors.

Yeah, strange coincidence there. I wasn’t even aware that Smooth Jazz had a self-moc until after I posted this back in May.

@SwagMeister Thanks!

@Sciencegiraffe This isn’t even in a BIONICLE story, so I was actively trying to make it look unlike a mask. Glad you like it, though!

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Oi. Highlight text to quote it. Thank me never.

This is a solid MOC in every sense of the word. Great job!

ayy lmao


Don’t think I’ve gave you my thoughts, so I’ll go ahead now.

Sort of conflicting textures, though I’ve seen worse, cough. Could stand some more azure, though it’s fine for now, upper arms look pretty flat aside from the rahkshi head, and the red axles to detract from the MOC itself, though you can’t do much about that really.

Still, though, a solid MOC, great job Tristan.

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This is really awesome!
I love the aesthetic.

Gotta love the custom head. Could use some more blue on the arms though.

Colors are great, build is :ok_hand:, and photography isn’t bad either. Not a fan of the lower arms, but I certainly do love this as a whole! Great work

Thanks for the critique, Saxton. I’m still kind of getting used to managing textures and stuff. The next MOC I post will be far improved from this, hopefully, but for now I’m going to have to wait on posting it since I’m in the middle of a move out-of-state. In the meantime, thanks for the comment!


Agreed about the blue on the arms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to add any. Expect some in the next version, though!

Thanks so much! It was a pretty gray, rainy day when I took the pictures, so the lighting was awful, but I’m glad they turned out OK.


Not really a fan of the head but the rest of the MOC is pretty swish.

Even though he lacks much of a face, the Moc’s really got some personality!

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