Task Force TTV

Hey everyone! So since Suicide Squad is coming out, I decided to build…
Task Force TTV.

Now, I’m fairly new to TTV, so if I got the masks mixed with the wrong names, I’m very sorry. Also, I don’t have a Calix, so I used a Hau for Kahi (sorry.)

so without further adieu, here is Task Force TTV

Ven, Toa of Magma

Eljay, Toa of Insect Control
Meso, Skakdi of Death
Kahi, Toa of Kinetics
Var, Toa of Rahi Control
Viper, Skakdi of Poison

Takuma + Exx
I based Exxtrooper off of Sev from Star Wars Republic Commando and Takuma off of Talon from the Batman: Court of Owls story

I’ll upload Tenebrae soon

criticism is welcome



this is great

Thanks. for the other members, what do you think I should do for the Mocs? (i.e. mask, weapons, colors, build)?

Neat! My favorite has to be Ven.

Thanks. The only problem with Ven’s build is the legs are really stiff, and so he’s difficult to pose. Also, a kunai was the only weapon I could use that he wouldn’t fall over holding

These are Fantasti-cool™! I love that @Mesonak MOC! But that Kahi… Here, take this image.

Meso, I tagged you because you like seeing mocs of you.


Pekekoa, that… actually works,


Nice couch.


thank you, good sir

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Ohh, can’t wait. All hail ExxPraiseTrooper.




They look pretty gr8! Have this! :poultry_leg:

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why thank you, my good sir

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I thoroughly enjoy these. Mostly because of the unique color schemes/design choices that set these apart from a lot of other iterations of our MoCs. I’m specifically a fan of my MoC and Viper’s, although I feel she could do with a vibrant color to offset the green shades. Perhaps some light blue? I dunno.

Either way, these are great and I thank you for making them! A nice alternative look at our characters. :smiley:


EDIT: Forgot to mention how amazing that scythe of mine is. I don’t know if you were intentionally going for the ridged bone-esque look but it worked perfectly and I love it.


wow, thanks, Mesonak! I didn’t get any of the cast mixed up, did I?

Nope, you’re good! Everybody is who they’re supposed to be.



Alright. thanks.

I really like the gradient color scheme that they all share. My favorites have to be Ven and Eljay in terms of the colors, the gradient pieces look very nice. They all look very nice overall, but Kahi and Var seem kinda bland to me. Great job!

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Who’s gonna take up the “Amanda Waller” role?

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This is great.

Kahi looks so buff …

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eljay needs more blue pins

meso needs more solek :wink:

viper needs a fire slash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: