Master swordsman, and that all I can think up for a MOC with no story because I got to busy and gave up. So aside from the lack of story, hope you like her.


So this is… black, dark blue, and silver? Can’t really make out the dark blue due to the lighting. I’d advise you get yourself a desk lamp or something to add more light and more contrast. Or take your MOC pictures outside, which in my experience does wonders differentiating black from other dark colors.

Anyway. The MOC looks fine. Glad to see people are still using the torso design from Kiina. The textures on the limbs go together pretty well. The head and the feet both stick out from the body a good deal; the head being a different color than the body is a common enough trope that it could stay, but the grey feet ought to be replaced with black or dark blue, if you have feet in either.

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