Taua, the One-man Armada

A formidable foe that guards the gates to glory in Suhnork’s finest battle arena

Side shot:

No “original version” pictures this time, this one’s new.

Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated


I like the hands a lot, really sells the armoured brute vibe, same with the hammer. An improvement might be to put something in the mata foot sockets, otherwise they stand out a bit.

I’ve only got some spare mixle eye ball joints, so ball joints are out of the picture. Any suggestions?

I think he has some pretty cool limb designs. I do wish there was a side angle shot maybe you could put one up. I would also enjoy a larger version of this moc in the distant future.

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Originally, I wanted him to be a lot taller, but I really liked how the limbs turned out. I’d like to try out the bignicle frame with this guy, eventually.
Edit: side shots are up @Krelikan

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Nice lil build.

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I have always loved fire lord’s mask! He looks awesome!

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Ohh I like him.
Gives off a very Golem vibe, I especially like the mask.

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Great use of that head piece!

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