Taur: Menance of The Labrynth

Name: Taur (Pronounced like the taur in Minotaur. He will not be a minotaur.
Arsenal:uses a modified pistol, saw blade samurai hat thing which also doubles as a shield, a staff
Powers/element control:Can control the elements of metal and minimal fire. Has telekinesis
Strengths: Can asess danger fairly well. Great at strategy, pickpockets, expert marksmans
Weaknesses: Trips a lot, has a large chunk of his brain missing in his speech area so he cannot talk very well. Is confused easily.

Backstory: Taur was created to analize data in the battlefield and come up with a quick strategic solution. He was raised in a lab. The only “human” limb he possess is his brain which was largely damaged from experimentation. Half of his speech area of his brain is missing due to a stray missle. He taught himself how to fight and broke out of the lab by himself because he was sick of making plans for the rest of his life.

Status: (Let me explain this to you. This will tell you whether the MOC is being worked on, is taken apart, or is together so you can offer better critisism.)
Taken Apart

(will come later as problems with uploading)


Although there are no pictures, I do really like the backstory. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I plan to upload them this week.

Tracking when pics come in.