Tautoko the time jumper V2

So I revamped an old thing.

Name: Tautoko
Age: depends on current universe
Alignment: lawful good
Powers: flame spirit, martial arts
Likes: peace, helping others, and companionship
Dislikes: seeing others hirt and not being able to help in dire situations

So who is this character?

Concept and backstory:
If your familiar with the old version of this guy, it’s pretty much the same. Each of his adventures start with him waking up somewhere with him having no memories and Subsequently follows the hero’s cycle. Over the corse of his journey he meets new allies, faces challenges, and learns more about himself and his capabilities as a character. While every adventure is different, there is always a few things that stay the same. He always has the same powers, meets the same wise mentor/friend character (alongside other characters unique to the story) who holds some knowledge of Tautoko’s role universe without telling him, and at the end of his adventure he gains ownership of a magical golden item weather it be by treasure in a dragons hoard, a family heirloom given to him by a newfound friend for helping them, or some other means. When he obtains the item, he is warped out of the current universe and into another where he looses his memory and repeats the cycle except with some of the skills he learned in the previous universe that will help him on his journey.


Tautoko is a kind hearted character. No matter what the current universe is he will always try to protect his friends and give it all when it really counts and dive into the action at a moments notice. His gentle nature is his downfall however, as any malicious aponent can take advantage of his mercy and betray him. Even then he can learn from his mistakes and can do the right thing even if the greater good is not what he wants it to be.

Powers and abilities:

Tautoko’s greatest strength is his physical prowess and dexterity. Without weapons he focuses on using his hands and feet in a flurry of fast blows o down and opponent, but that’s not his only weapon.

Through his breathing and heartbeat he is able to harness his life energy and use it in his attacks in the form of energy equal to the energy of fire and light. Think of it being something like ki or hamon/ripple. In combat he has infuse his engergy into his fists, fingers and other parts of his body to increase his damage or accomplish encredible feats. He can also force his energy into another. Person or object in the form of an overdrive. Other than that it’s pretty open ended.

The build of the moc:

The basic build of the torso and head is the same itch a few tweaks to the former, the only differences being the back, arms, and legs. There is one ng you can do however…
You open up his back…

You take this little guy…

And then you stick this little guy in there and now you have a giant mech suit!

There’s no real reason for this as its non-canon but I just wanted to have a giant mech suit for minifigures while this guy was in progress and decided to add in this little feature.
Here’s a shot with some other old farts I’ve made:

Also before anyone says anything not to sound rude here’s what it looks like with an extra armor piece on the open ball joints on his knees:

Also with a slightly modified hand build:

And now just some miscellaneous pictures of this guy in different poses:

I hope you enjoyed. I’m also working on my setup a bit more and trying to find some better lightbulbs that don’t add that yellowish-orange tint to everything. Other than that please like, comment, and share your thoughts!

Link to the original:


This looks good just wish you had covered up those ball joints good job!

open ball joints

The hips are just a little exposed, did those blocky Hf add-ons ever come in red/silver? They’d look perfect. speaking of add-ons, I’m not sold on the shoulders, they have this hollow look to them that I’m not much a fan of, I’d recommend using g2 masks for pauldrons, as they look good and depending on the mask won’t impede movement any more than the piston add-ons.
Alright now let’s talk about that chest, it looks awful, exposed technic and an open socket, there’s got to be a better way to cover the chest, a ccbs chest add-on, or a hordika chest or something.

Thanks for the tips. I’m currently working on it again. Sorry if I sounded rude about the open ball joints on the knees. Also what kind of exposed technic peices do you think I should change and how?

Update: how does this look? (I’m missing another black armor add on piece so I’m using gunmetal for now)

is that a jojo reference???


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Hmm, push the protector masks down, they stick off kind of oddly, also I just noticed the upper legs look very slightly short, with the new add-ons you can use a size 4 bone and it should look fine, as for

Like I said, attaching a ccbs or hordika chest over what’s currently there would make it look better, it just currently looks very exposed since it’s basically just exposed technic pieces.

Oh, and I just thought of something else, try regular ccbs feet, I’m wondering if they wouldn’t look better.

Here’s what I did.

I don’t have a hordika chestplate handy so I use a ccbs armor add-on for the torso, I couldn’t figure out a way to lower the sholders yet so there still the same for now, and I made the thighs longer and added the standard ccbs feet.

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If you put the black squared add-ons on the hips again(I know one is gunmetal temporarily) and swap the vahki waist for a black one(just to add in a bit more black to balance the chest really), as well as fix the shoulders(eventually) I think it’d be near flawless, as it is the feet and chest look great!

Thanks for the tips. I’ll probably keep it the way it is right now until I can get everything in order. I’ll definitely use your tips for future mocs though.

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Solid build. I love the concept behind this guy as well. I wonder if he’ll ever discover what forces are at work, moving him from world to world like that?

There is a greater force at work here. And it all has to do with this guy: