Team Kronkiwongi; Entry 1: Dexter Baggins, Team... Leader?

So, I am not a very wealthy individual (AKA I'm to lazy to get a job) BUT I do have a brother, off of whom I mooch on a regular basis. Recently, or recently enough, I stole some pieces and made a crack(ed) team of individuals.

Enter: Team Kronkiwongi
(insert snazzy theme music here)






This little guy is Dexter Baggins. Don't read into his name to much. No hidden jokes or anything. None at all.

As you can see, he's a robot with a revolver shotgun. Enough said.

But I'll say more anyway. Have a picture.


(A small interruption to say, the next are him with limbs fully extended, just to show how he is built. The ability to do this is not "canon," but I guess we'd have to ask Greg to truly be sure of that.)

In this one ^^^ he doesn't have his chest-plate-mask-body-thingy on, so you can see his beautiful abs.

Now, to the things that go BOOM!!!

His gun is a, as previously stated, revolver shotgun. It is powered by magic, the power of friendship, and 12-guage shells auto-fed through a drum behind the firing chamber. However, I think I'll take a page from Ole' Greggles and not really explain how he gets this ammo, why he never reloads, and how elemental powers, disk fragments, and glitter combine to make a proper shotgun shell. Instead, have even moar pics.
(Also, the blur is real. Sorry.)

The casing flips down to show off the "inner workings" because WHY NOT.

Here's a deconstructed view, proving that it does, in fact, function, and fire the six lil bundles of purple stud joy properly.

So, yeah! I have a story worked out for him, but I don't know if this is where I would go on a long expositional rant, so I'll keep it brief. The team currently consists of four members. D. Baggins is the leader, tasked by some great, unknown deity to go into alternate dimensions and generally screw things over, creating alternate universes from these important changes in the timeline. Each time this happens, it creates energy used for... things. Think (SPOILERS FOR THOSE OF YOU COOL ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND) Madoka Magika, but used to power giant robots instead of cat-alien civilization.

He was given one companion, the embodied form of the Olmak, to give him access to these alternate universes (And also my brother's favorite of the four, who will probably come online tomorrow. Unless you are reading this two days from when I wrote it, which would mean he came on yesterday. Either way, HI FUTURE PEOPLE!).

In one of the first universes he went to, he met Knucklehead (the name will make sense later) and she joined the group. No one knows her real name, for reasons to be explained. Again, it'll make sense. Sort of. Not really. But eh.

And finally, when he killed off the entire Hero Factory dimension, creating enough energy to jumpstart the Mata Nui robot from hibernation and raise his benefactor, who had been Makuta all along, he met his final companion, Covergirl. A robot with a feminine voice and NO FEMALE PARTS WHATSOEVER, yet Dexter Baggins still hits on her consistently. Because why not.

All this, and more, in the next episode of Dragon Ba-- I mean TEAM KRONKIWONGI!!!

Also, here's D. Baggins with his favorite trophy.

Because why not.


no wonder you're the- Gets shot
creepy stuff away nice robot.. I question some parts but I guess he cool

also for spoilers try typing [spoiler] insert word[/spoiler/]. except without the / between spoiler and the ]

3 things:
1: What parts do you question? I'm willing to make changes for the greater good of robo-kind.
B: I know about blurring spoilers. I just wanted to make a point. However, I didn't know HOW to make the spoilers thing, so thanks for the tip!
Yellow: Should I take less pics for the future guys? I don't know the MOC protocols for these parts.

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do whatever for the MOCs, as for what to change.... Don't know why but something bothers me about it(I'm sure someone might state it but eh) Eitherway it's a fine MOC

Is it the ostrich legs? The posable shoulders attached to posable shoulders? The obviously Portal inspired Atlas design? Give me something to work with (or rather, on) here. wink

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backstory bugs me. just something about it..

I see. Well, it isn't meant to be serious. By any stretch of the word. He goes around and blows things up. Kills leaders, ruins days, saves innocents, and doesn't worry about anyone else. His name is a good summary of his character. The backstory is supposed to be goofy, ridiculous, and outlandish. Wait until you see the other characters (I'm looking at you, Knucklehead). So, if you look at it less seriously and more as just an almost slapstick sort of deal, it becomes less objectionable. Think of the backstory as less to do with the actual character, and more just a quick way to give a premise for smaller snippets of stupidity and fun. It's pretty much just a blank canvas for the smaller bits of interaction and personality that the four have. But, the canvas has to be as warped as the interactions and personality.

Long story short, think of it as more Deadpool than Batman when it comes to vigilante storylines.


Just a tip, can you put the images in imgur albums? No login necessary*!
(*last time I checked)


I now love you

I really love this moc, it's great! the shotgun looks fantastic, and I love how you used the blaster stuf launcher part thing as the head.

I suggest using an imgr album, saves people time loading.

The backstory also seems pretty fantastic and fun!


Looks like imgur is going to be my next conquest. I'll try my best to figure it out. smile

Also, thanks, person that could be Beef! I really need to figure out imgur though. Tomorrow it shall be done.


hint: There's only one of them who he could be

thats a very interesting and cool looking gun.

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