Team Update : Yo Yo, Hide Yo Kids

It’s time for my second weekly Team Update! Hopefully before I come full circle I’ll switch to video format for these updates.

This week, we have the Skakdi that were too Skakdi for the Skakdi! These guys were so much fun to play with after 2005’s canister snooze fest… I mean, the visorak were kinda cool, but…

That’s right, the gang is on the loose, and there’s nothing you can do. Feel free to scoff, spit, and/or fart in their general direction, however. As will usually be the case, there are a number of missing or placeholder parts, so if you see something that conflicts with the color palette, like little blue pins, keep that in mind. You’ll realize, once I have all my builds posted, that these guys’ builds are the closest to the original sets. That’s because, after G1 was said and done, I feel like they really had such a unique look to them. Like would they really be The Piraka without those forearms? More like fore-alarms! And those leg pieces are so meaty! Plus, I know it’s kind of a cheap move compared to my other builds, but the chest piece definitely brings out those shoulders in a parts-cheap way, so I have more to use on other characters simultaneously.

Personally, after reading the Legends series, I feel it’s obvious that Vezok is the main character among the Piraka. He has by far the most… of a story behind him, and is the only one present in a few scenes. One of my favorite scenes is where Dalu, still thinking he’s a toa, consults him for guidance on anger management, of all things. But by this time, Vezok’s intellectual side was ripped from his being, supposedly leaving him an animalistic shell empty of all but rage. Oddly, enough, however, Dalu finds him meditating, as if he had decided to sit down there a while ago. Why would he do that? I don’t think he was tricking the matoran, because that sounds too clever. Perhaps, with his analytical mind out of the way of his focus, he finds it easier to simply be with nature and the universe without judgement, which makes for an incredibly interesting villain, in my book.

Here, Hakann shines up her prized — expensively modified — lava launcher. I suppose this is one of my first times mentioning it, but a number of characters have been gender swapped in the feminine direction in my Matoran Universe, as there was hardly a number of feminine characters to begin with. I mean, who’s to say what a realistic gender balance would be in an asexual universe, but there’s hardly an explanation given, so I’m gonna assume it’s not important to the story.

Zaktan has legs, believe me, though I’m still waiting on a second green forearm. I was just too lazy to put em on for the update. I don’t think any of us can imagine how hard it is to keep trillions of independently embodied fragments of yourself united physically, let alone any other way, especially with such a toxic personality. For this reason, and since we know that his protodites can just float around, I just imagine that you hardly ever see Zaktan’s full figure, which is how I used to like playing with these guys back in the day. Idk about you guys, but I used to split them at the hips and imagine they all had these spooky spirit forms that floated around causing havoc.

Reidak’s ready to pounce. I didn’t modify his weapons, because I figure such a straightforward brute wouldn’t bother. The guy doesn’t even use his thermal or infrared vision, that’s how much he hates delaying for a maximum advantage. His build needs more bulk. Too bad, there are so precious few pieces molded in that nice “black” color.

Yes, count ‘em. That’s two ice picks for the Prince of Snark(Pretty sure Matau is the King). I can’t decide when he got the second one, but I like the idea that he forced Balta to make him one after they infiltrated.

Aaaaand it’s Avak!

I realize that the universe was dying and everything at the time, but I feel like not enough of a big deal was made about the Antidermis in this entire story from this point on. I mean, Brutaka was apparently biologically obsessed with it, but all he wanted to do was drink it or bathe in it or whatever. C’mon! Instant slave juice! And it works on toa! How come we haven’t heard about the— surely — countless wars fought to control or extinguish this stuff? I mean, Great Spirit, we haven’t even heard how the Piraka managed to get a giant vat of the stuff onto the island, outside of the whole universe, when they only flew over in canisters. ANTIDERMIS, man! It’s anti-matter! It’s dark energy, right at home in a science fantasy story! WHAT IS IT??? Let’s shed some light, Greg!!!

Needles to say, Antidermis is slated to become a strong tool for communicating the themes and ideas of the story in my stop-motion project, which you can read a bit more about in my first post a couple weeks ago!

So, that does it for now, folks. I have Vezon built, but for now, we’ll say he wasn’t really ever part of “the team” and leave it a surprise. I promise, he’ll appear when we come back around to these guys, which should mean we’ll have a nice rotation for all of them via the magic of videography!

Until next time,



They all look sweet but do you think we could have more photos? It’s hard to see certain details with the photos given


Y’know, I like the decision to make Hakann a woman. Greg said at some point the female Skakdi are even more ferocious, and Hakann’s the most ferocious of the lot. Other than lore-reasoning, I also like gender balancing, it makes it feel more real IMO.

In terms of the MOCs, I like 'em. I think some of them look a little awkward, and I feel like Skakdi are an especially awkward species. Either way, I’m excited to see these guys mess some people up in the animation!


Me too, my guy!

I wasn’t quite aware of that bit about female Skakdi! Gives an interesting — and culturally, almost opposite — connotation to the familiar “thug boys” archetype. It’s kind of ambiguous whether the Piraka were too good for their kin, or not good enough. Though, it’s possible it wasn’t quite either of those ways, it’s all just very unclear what the terms were, unless I’m reading the wrong stuff. Anyways, not to generalize, but I feel like Hakann’s personality and dynamics with other characters just have great potential for the textbook spiteful, manipulative, psychopath lady.

And yeah, the long necks seemed like almost a necessity, it’s surprisingly natural looking, in most cases, for how differently the spines fit on them. I do want to fill out the space behind their necks more, for a few of em. But I also like to give them the long thigh-bone piece for their upper arms, so they have this gorilla look. Awkward is definitely the term, but it hasn’t yet come to my mind! They’re definitely weirdos, but some threatening motion and good voice acting will ideally transition them into intimidating weirdos.

…one of the worst kinds of weirdos…


Cool MOCs. Quick lore explanation, though:

Antidermis was the essence of the Makuta. It’s not exactly antimatter or dark energy, just that the Makuta had evolved to be gaseous and that’s what the gaseous substance was called. The vat that the Piraka had was Makuta Teridax’s antidermis; he followed them to Voya Nui to make sure things got done, and somehow instructed Zaktann to make a container to hold his antidermis to make sure he didn’t float away in the breeze. Only Zaktann and Kongu suspected the material’s true nature. As for why this wasn’t used too much in other parts of the story, I’d guess most Makuta weren’t patient enough to sit around in tanks and let other people use them to mind-control people. Then there’s the fact that we’ve already seen a similar thing achieved via the kraata creating infected masks, which is probably more efficient when the Makuta were able to work directly.


I guess I coulda made it more obvious that I know Antidermis is “the Makuta”, but you have to admit, there are always a few “somehow”s, “I guess”s, and handwaves involved in talking about the stuff. Of course, that’s what makes this a “soft” science-fantasy story, but many questions remain for me:

Can two makuta tell their gas apart should their substance happens to be mixed? Can two makuta combine their substance and form something/someone else?

Did Teridax convert Nivawk, Krekka, and Nidhiki from solid protodermis to Antidermis? Is that a thing they can do at any time?

Is Antidermis what allows Kraata to infect masks? Are infected masks covered in, or totally converted into it?

Is there any noticeable effect to a Makuta losing enough of their essence? Or do they just thrive down to the last molecule? If, as Chirox puts it, when “a Makuta’s energy disperses, his consciousness will disappear and he will die.”, how did Teri manage to get around the universe after he was crushed?

HOW ELSE CAN ANTI-D BE UTILIZED AND EXTORTED AS A CONSCIOUS GAS??? What about the segment of a makuta that leaks? Is it separately conscious?! Do some makuta market their essence for a profit? Is it just generated naturally like stone presumably is in the universe, or was there always a finite, ever-leaking amount?

It’s such a crazy concept with intense implications! And personally, it feels as if we’re almost encouraged not to think too much about it, instead of invited to explore these questions.

But, hey, thank you!


One more time as maybe it is problem of all your posts: pose them properly or make more photos

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I know I’m new here, but is there a rule stating that “improper poses” are a “problem” in the way you’re saying? Cause I feel like your criticism could be worded a little more constructively.

I think you might be misunderstanding that I can only show you what I want you to see, not what you happen to want to see. How would I go about determining exactly what everyone wants to see, and would everyone really want to see that?

If you’d like to give me some specifics about how you see my photography, maybe I’ll decide to incorporate one of your ideas. I know my pics aren’t perfect. If I wanted them to be, I wouldn’t have time to do this weekly. But I’m not really inclined to take your opinion as a reason to believe this isn’t good enough.


That was something I had wanted to say, there’s no rule on it, no. The problem I think people are saying is that they “can’t see the MOC”? I should believe it’s just that the poses don’t show much?
Personally, I don’t see a problem with it for the reason you said, being your showing what you want to show us (which is enough!)

In terms of constructive criticism, I could understand someone wanting something like Zaktan’s pose facing the camera rather than away from it, but I don’t know what more we’d really see with that.


Well, I’m glad you pointed that out. That’s something I can consider in my shots now. :slight_smile:

But yeah, I just have a certain interpretation I’m going for, and I’m a mediocre photographer, is that so wrong?

You guys will get the quantity photos in time, but I’ve been actually super busy writing the rough draft for the script so you guys can read, and even see, some of it as soon as possible.


I know what that’s like

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That’s why I’m excited to transition to video as soon as possible! These guys will make a much better impression in video form, I’m sure of it. You’ll get lots of angles and plenty of poses. I’m working on a vlog settup right this moment.

I’ve considered replying to this carefully. I’ll be happy to give closer, more in-depth looks on individual characters in the future. Far more photos and angles than I’ve ever taken before. But, for now, I’ve never worked on a motion picture like this before, either, and I’m just trying to make sure I can do this writing thing at all. I want to share an exerpt from my rough draft for criticism, as well, but I’m not quite ready for that.

As soon as possible, I’d like to prepare a test animation, which means I’ll have to at least sort of write it, story board it, develop the cg background, and then… well, learn how to edit video.

In short, I’m still planning how exactly I want to proceed presenting this project because, for me, its kind of a big deal. :slight_smile:


I commend you for your commitment. Taking on a project this big solo?

like dang bro

Thank you!

The reason I’m making sure to post here is so I might find some collaborators, but I want to show off what I can do in a nice portfolio piece, and BIONICLE is something I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of working on.


I’m starting to fear for my life.

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