Techland's "Dying Light"

Hey everyone! I was wondering if you guys have heard of Techland’s new game. Dying light Is a parkour zombie survival game for PC, Xbox one, PS4, 360 and PS3). It looks visually pleasing and has a great plot in my opinion. What do you guys think?


I like the looks of Venom/Carnage/other Symbiote Mode, AKA Zombie mode

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Run boy Run!

Parkour + Zombies + First person = this

I’ve heard that it wasn’t very good… but that was back while it was still in development, and I’ll be eager to see if it’s improved since then.

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If you enjoyed Dead Island then you will enjoy this. It has a similar concept but executed a lot better. It improved a lot of the rpg elements and it is visually stunning. The story isn’t a masterpiece, but very fun to play while also being a challenge.

I don’t like Zombie games. (Besides Telltale Walking Dead)
Therefore, I’m not gonna play this game. Haven’t heard much of good things about it, and from what I’ve seen, the game just isn’t for me.

lol I heard the exact opposite, then I ended up getting it, and I love it…

I don’t have the game and probably never will, so my opinion of it is far less informed than yours, of course.

I am a very avid gamer, and I play a lot more than I should. So I played the game for a week straight just to beat it, not including the side missions, so if you play less than me, you could be playing it for a month easy, as I still am.

Dying Light’s multiplayer looks good.
I might consider buying it.
But due to problems I can’t buy it.