Technic Firearm System

Howdy all,

Here’s a MOC project I’ve been working on for a few months now.

My focus was to create a firearm system using Technic that would be scalable. Due to my lack of pieces, I settled on some Protector style MOCs that I had floating around.

The Base system is an axle (size depends on what you’re trying to make. Pistol: 3-4, Submachine gun: 5-8, Rifle/Assault Rifle: 6-9, Sniper Rifle: as long as you want/have) with Cross blocks and split cross blocks along it. Axle Bush connectors are used for grips.

The Base Rifle

The Base Pistol

For addon’s:

The base grip for long-guns resembles a semi-pistol grip but by using a connector and bohrok eye, we can make a stock (works well for protector type builds but using blocks will work for larger builds)

Using one or two connectors will give you a good suppressor (silencer for you non-enthusiasts) or muzzle brake.

Using axle pin beams you can make lasers,


or optics depending on where you put it and what you put into the pin-hole. (although you can combine any of these add-on’s using your imagination)

You can also use a Bush W/Connecting Piece as a holster/backstrap.

This system is expandable. (I just don’t have the pieces) and I would love to know what any of you have for suggestions to expand it with. Here’s my collection so far:

Collection so far (sorry for bad quality)

Good MOCing all.


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They’re pretty simple but I like them

Thanks. Simplicity was one of my main points in the design.

I feel like covering the technic holes on both sides with studs or 1x (x length plates) would make everything looks more solid but for what they are they’re really good.


I was trying to create the same look as a key-mod rail. I actually tried some different things (your suggestion being one of them) and I feel that it ruins the smooth aesthetic.

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