Technic Spiders from Old Times

Based on the original concept artwork of the Bahrag Twin Queens by Christian Faber. He saw them spider like with the ability to carry Bohrok folded on their back. So I adapted this idea into play function like other sets from 2002 - Boxor (for Matoran) and Exo-Toa (for Toa).




I really like the build, possibly more than what we actually got. The only part I don’t like about it is the legs, they’re too thin and could use more articulation. Other than that, I like the extra krana storage in addition to the bohrok, and it’s quite neat how you’ve managed to stick to an early G1 aesthetic.


really nice, they really look like something from 2002/2003

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I as actually working on some Bahrag spider mocs in, but I gave up because It was too difficult for me (I might’ve been overly ambitious, since I tried king it fit all 6 bohrok, and include a function where it launches bohrok)

They look really great!

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imagine there’s a spider facing you down and then it just releases the top part of it’s abdomen that rolls down like a clawed rock towards you

Fantastic build, the style is great. Would’ve preferred a fourth set of legs and more defined body segments, but it still really speaks spider to me.

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Oh that’s so creepy in a good way. They look very late-90s Technic, great job!

very nice love the ability to carry bohrok

They are very cool, the idea the build, the aesthetic! But I think that either the bodies are too bulky, or legs are too thin, they look sligthly disproportionate.
So, are they actually capable of throwing those Bohrok’s, or only carrying them?

I love these! They could do with a slight difference between them like how the Bahrag had different antenna. It really is a pity we didn’t get hive queens that fitted the insect title of the Bohrok.

Also I am curious about the carrying, does it work like the hive crawler where they can be flung?
Edit: also is there a fight function between them?

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Heck now I’m mad that Lego didn’t make these officially!

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These are super cool-looking; the aesthetic is on point - this looks like it could really have been a large set from that era! :smiley:

Really good, just wish they looked more “mean”

Good work, the barag queens just have to behave.:wink: