Technic torpedo bomber

Turns out Ive got a few mocs that I never posted, so Ill mark a hopeful return to activity with posting them roughly weekly. First up is a technic torpedo bomber, and while it is primarily inspired by the American TBF Avenger and SBD Dauntless navy bombers (which arent exactly the same size…), it ended up giving off a far more german vibe once it was completed, especially in the canopy area and the large, squat belly featuring the bomb bay
Anyways, heres some overveiw shots (FYI Im trying something new (ish) and getting pictures on my bed since I dont have anywhere good to take pictures of this thing.)

I added in a number of moving bits, including control surfaces, arrestor hook, and folding front landing gear

It is also capable of carrying a single underslung torpedo, or a pair of bombs in an internal bay

Both bay doors are geared together and will swing open together upon pivoting the pin upwards with your thumb, while the torpedo can be dropped by pulling up on the shaft between the pilot and gunner (which would hav cable running go the tip of the tail on a real aircraft)

The aircraft seats two, a pilot and rear gunner

Just some glory shots, this things pretty fun to just pick up and get some different angles on.

As always, C&C is appreciated on both the moc and my shooting of it!


ah this looks great - nice job!


That is impressive!


I just realised I had some of the control surfaces 100% backwards of what they should be for one or two pictures…



pretty cool build, and really clever functions