Technic Walking Mechanism (Test)

So basically I’m working on a new Mindstorms Robot, and this is the design I’m using for the walking function. This general design isn’t obviously mine, but I translated it to Lego without looking for already made Technic walking mechanisms (because I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to build it).

No pictures for this creation, just a video, because I don’t feel like anyone would understand what’s going on only with pictures, it’s quite a complicated mess of beams!

Can you guess what animal inspired MOC I’m making from the walking sequence itself?
Leave your guess in the comments!

See ya!


You’re making a giraffe or a horse. Nice work.

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Skywalking…my prefered method of transport.


At first I though it was gonna be a spider for some reason, but when you speed it up I knew right away it’s going to be based on a horse. Movement in the knees looks a little limited, but I assume your intent is to have the model move at a casual to quick pace, rather than a major galloping motion.

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.First of all, thank you guys!

Nope :stuck_out_tongue:. Although it looks a lot like a quadruped mammal, it’s nothing close! You have to think about the function in a different way… :wink:. Also this function, with only four legs, doesn’t make the model stand up, as it would only have two legs on the ground at a time.

Would be kind of amazing to have!
But yeah, the stand is just there to test the movement, as I currently don’t have enough beams to make a fully walking thing.

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I’m guessing a crab or something

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Boom! You guessed it, I’m making a crab indeed!

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oh, another man that works with mindstorms.

good man.

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Ah ha! I knew it. And yeah this thing is pretty cool

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