Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

yus the wierd idea dat worked yus

so lets ignore everything but the tv shows

I was not alive during the 80s one so the 03 one is pretty much my favorite of the 3 and 2012 one is pretty..meh to me

which one do you like? do you even like them? have a fav episode?
share it all down below on the next episode of wait a second that has nothing to do with this umm
comment opinions of show in comment section (no really?)

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You can't ignore everything! Nooo.

I was so close to meeting Kevin Eastman (Co-Creator of Ninja Turtles), Until he could not attend the convention.

Can someone also give me a full sympnosis of the last 10 episodes of S1 and S2 so far? Australia never got the full thing, and it's out of order.

They don't air PR on Nick either...just keep showing their 10 year old sponge and milk it...

I want my Jimmy Neutron back...

I also met Rob Paulson (Original Raph, 2012 Donnie.) He was awesome ^-^.

Then I met T-Rex, the artist for the TMNT Infestation from IDW, and got him to sign a print for me.


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thats so awesome

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Not as awesome as meeting Kevin this October...


Possibly this time.

Crap, he won't be due to my luck.

oh man that would be awesome, if one day you do manage, dont forget to take pictures!

It's like $80 a picture.

But hey, it's for Kevin.

Freaking Kev.

pshh money pssshhhhhhh


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This thread in a nutshell


Different Kevin there, pal.


hi kevin

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The new show reminds me of Teen Titans in a lot of ways.

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actually what is a kevin?

Uh, I was referring to Kevin Conroy, 'cause he voiced Batman in TAS, for the record.

Y'know, 'cause of that comment there.

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oh sorry that was a little joke didnt realise I actually made a good joke, had no idea where I was going with it

and are you saying I had no idea which kevin in a topic about ninja turtles..

Is Greg Cipes one of them?

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I grew up with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated T.V. series, which was my favourite T.V. show back in the early 1990's!!! Therefore, I watched the reincarnation that came out in 2003, which I also enjoyed there; and now I watch the current Nickelodeon incarnation and really enjoy it as well there (Leatherhead is my favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character of the Nickelodeon incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)!!!

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ey b0ss

remember Baxter Stockman from 2003?

What about Stinkman?

Also, something I noticed, almost all the main actors from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go feature in 2012 TMNT.

New episode is like a cross between Pacific Rim and Attack on Titan.
Pretty Bad-@$$

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I watched it too! It was pretty rad. And we got to see what Shredder would look like without his scars!

Though i'm wondering why Shredder has to keep feeding Karai the brain worms through her head to keep her alive...

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