Tekan, ‘Completed’ version

Guess who just spent like for $^(&!#& hours painting parts last night! That’s right, I did!

So yeah he’s been ‘completed’ in the terms of, I don’t believe I can do any more with him with my current parts situation nor do I currently have any ideas for what to replace his leg and chest armour with.
Now then, here is. Please don’t talk about how he’s just a recolour, this was hard to do and I spent literal hours on painting the parts that you can literally not get actual colours of! So yeah, I’m invested in this and I really, really don’t care that he’s a recolour and is probably going to stay as one for a while until I can get more parts!

So for now just enjoy how he cool he looks (can’t deny that’s can you!) and his backstory.

(Also, @Toa_Vladin, does this work for the arms? Can’t really do much else just no way but might be able to change it if it still looks too awkward. They move too! =P)


“Shadows have always been a force to reckon with, as long as there is light there are shadows, but with that much power there is a price, no one being can control it all or at least none that has been created. The power of shadows has always been one that cannot be fully wielded by one being, there have been many masks that give some form of control but none like the Kraahkan, a mask of such power only a being with a will greater than nigh all can wield it, that has always been a mask that no other exists and so far only two have wield, or has it? The Kraahkan has always been known as the ultimate mask of shadows yet abilities are missing, abilities that have been seen in lesser versions, why? Why would this mask have such control yet still be missing powers? What if it wasn’t the only? What if there had had been a brother mask? One that had the missing powers yet still required the same amount of will? Whatever happened to it and its wielder? Why did they not stand with Teridax as the rulers of the Makuta’s? Many myths have been told but none proven true, until now.
Listen as I tell you of the tale of the second Kraahkan, the Makuta who wielded it and what to reveal their tale, let me tell you the tale of the second wielder, let me tell you the tale of Tekan.”

Name: Tekan
Element: Shadows
Mask: Black Avohkii shaped Kraahkan

Description: Tekan is tall, even for a toa, standing around the height of Axonn or brutaka, maybe even taller. He is covered in pitch black armour with piercing dark green eyes, large clawed fingers, feet and spiked shoulders. He is a slightly bulky individual, built more for defence and power than speed and agility. (He’s essentially a modded Titan shadow Takanuva who’s parts have been switched out for black ones, maybe a bit taller and with a few more amour pieces and spiked shoulder covers).

He carries a large scythe and sometimes wears a large, tattered cloak.

He gives off a shadowy, intimidating aura that makes it difficult for those who don’t know him to approach him but those who do are used to it.

He mainly fights with his scythe, even being able to direct shadow attacks through it. His typically fighting strategist are either low sweeps with his scythe to disable legs or large swipes to extremly injure whatever part he hits. He has been known to be able to cut a rahkshi in half, vertically but that requires a lucky hit to be able to hit something moving at the correct angle. His main use of shadow energy is either loading it into the scythes blade which he then slams into the ground, sending out a shockwave of darkness, throwing shadow balls from his hands or moving through shadows to avoid attacks, while these are not all of the abilities he can use they are the main ones.

Backstory: Tekans story stretches back farther than one would guess or ever believe, it streches back farther than the fall of metru-nui, farther than mata-nui’s fall, farther than when he was a matoran, even farther than before the bionicle truly came around, but that is a story for another time.

Tekan first appeared at the same time as Takua, back when Metru-nui was still in peace and Lhikan had yet to fall. His arrival while like any matorans, appearing near the edge of metru-nui, near the sea (going with a mild theory/popular comic idea), was also quite different, while it was not strange for matoran to appear at the same time it was very rsare for them to show up in the same spot or at least very close to another, that for him wasnt even the strangest, no his was what he looked like, all matoran are different, no two perfectly alike always with some difference, yet with him he was almost a perfect copy of Takua, just with slightly darker colours, green eyes, something never before seen in a matoran of fire and taller, even if not by to much, yet all matoran were of the same height, or around while he passed it by enough to be visibly taller.

He and Takua hit it off quite fast, quickly becoming friends, both loved to explore, while takua did it to find new stories Tekan, back then known as Tek, alwyas did it for the adventure, adoring being able to find new, exciting and possibly unknown things. He was also quite an inventor, always making tools and items that made exploring easier. Unlike Takua he was much, much more of a trouble maker, going out of his way to pester the vahi and help other matoran escape from them, being nearly permanently on the run himslef, he found himself in trouble with Dume quite a lot but he never cared.

One day when he had been exploring he found a ruined temple with a massive hidden tunnel within, leading deep straight down. While he trried to convince Takua to come with him he was busy at the time and couldn’t so Tek went by himself. After he reached the bottom he found what appeared to be an altar with a black mask attached to it. As he saw the mask he could hear shadowy voices telling him, influencing him to pick it up and put it on. As he removced the mask from the altar the tunnel suddenly started to shake, collapsing around him, the last thing he saw was a large stone falling on him before he felt a surge of energy, then nothing.

Later he woke up to find himself entrapped underground, somehow alive and in a mildly spacious, stone encased bubble basically, while he panicked over being stuck and wonderd how he was alive he heard a voice start speaking to him. As he listened to it, after his initial surprise, he learned that the mask he had found was a second Kraahkan mata-nui had made for Makuta Xadiret (pronoucned Za-Dur-Et) essentially makuta Teridax’s brother. As he listened he learned about the Makuta’s betrayal of mata-nui, and that Xadiret had been one of the few that hadn’t betrayed mata-nui and had had his essence sealed away within his mask, which was then hidden, as punishment, seeing as how two Kraahkan’s had to be active at all times (makuta teridaxs mask kind if became infused with him from what I can tell and in this world he still exists) or else the other would either not function or destroy the other wearers mind, and no others had the will to wield his.

Due to him being a matoran he could not use all of the Kraahkans powers but managed to shadow warp himself out of the hole, at the cost of greatly weakening him for a time. Once he emerged he discovered that his form had been changed by the mask, his body now a shadowy black and his mask changed, he also learned he had been gone for years and many had forgotten him or believed dead. The time he emerged was after Makuta had taken over dume, a small while before Lihkan later fell, the vahi discreetly spiriting away matoran for years. While he tried to help, doing so he caught Makuta’s attention, being captured by Teridax who was interested to see a matoran who could wield his brothers mask. He experimented on Tekan until he was taken down by the toa-metru, trying to make him into the perfect servant and to see how he had the will to use a great mask. He partially succeeded in the servant part, managing to infect Tekan with a virus/infection that forced him to obey Teridax’s commands, what Teridax didnt know was that Tek still had free will, being able to use any loopholes he could find in the commands he could find. After Teridax fell Tekan was stuck on Metru-nui until roodaka and Sidorak took over, later capturing him and roodaka managing to get a working command from Teridax that forced him to obey her. He did try to help the toa-Hordika when he met them but he couldnt do much but give them advice whe he could, roodaka bein much better at avoiding loophole commands.

After Teridax was released he captured Tekan and brought him to Mata-nui, forcing him to lead attacks on villages with masked rahi, spawning many rumors of a strange black matoran, luckily he had yet to notice Tekan’s free will, so many of the raids he did ended with little to no casualties or just failed. After one of his failures Teridax swatted him across his lair, causing him to slam nearly head first into one of the rhahkshi tubes he hand near the pool of energized protodermis, damaaging the virus he had in Tek, but while he was woozy he slipped and fell into one of the pools.Teridax didn’t care despite losing his servant but did want to see what he turned into, when Tek didnt emerge he assumed him drowned and left him for dead, leaving to check on one of his experiments. If he had stayed for just a second longer he would have seen a large clawed hand emerg from the pool, as a chnaged Tek pulled himself out, the energized protodermis giving him the energy needed to become a toa.
After he escaped he wandered around, helping the villages and matoran when he could until he later met the toa, who he convinced he wasn’t evil and teamed up with, later meeting Takanuva, who he knew as his best friend, yet who no longer recognized him and distrusted him the most. He was a friend of theirs and helped them fight Teridax and such until a later date when he suffered a terrible betrayal at the hands of all of them, led by Takanuva. After that he wandered the islands, meeting new toa and matoran as he did, even forming team for a bit until the cataclysm happened.

Personality: When Tekan is around others he doesn’t know he tends to stay in a very blank state, facial and emotional wise. When hes with people he does know he Is generally happy, sad or angry dependet on the situation, he rarely shows a different one other than amusement.
He has a tendency to blame himself for a lot of stuff and will sometimes hurt himself (not in the suicidal way, you’ll see how if anything happens that would cause him to)if he hurts a close friend or fails to protect one.

He has a Makuta side that will come out if someone hurts one of his friends or him, the Makuta side will generally seriously injure the attacker and will kill if he doesn’t get in control fast enough or someone doesn’t stop him.

Attributes: He carries a great hate for the makuta, Teridax especially and will kill them if given the chance, despite the toa code saying otherwise, he does follow it somewhat, mainly out of respect, but not all of it due to past betrayals and his own belief that he does not deserve the title of toa.
He also carries many mental and physical scars from his years of being experimented on and servitude to Teridax. His body is heavliy scarred along with his armour, which is still surprisingly strong and intact. He has a great dislike of loud, piercing sounds, to the point that he will leave an area unless the sound is stopped, from a time when Teridax experimented on him to see how long a matoran could survive in a bohrok-va’s sound bubble before they succumbed to unconsciousness. His other main fears are of drowning and vhisorak and other spider like rahi.

Weapons: Scythe, mask powers, claws

Mask power: shadows, known abilities so far are: being able to move through any shadows, of any size, in the world but the distance he can move is limited and he can’t see through them like Teridax so any shifts he does will be blind basically unless he knows of the area he’s going to, has gone there, and the shadows he knows about are still there. This is the main reason he wears a cloak, allowing him to move parts of his body from inside the cloaks shadowed interior avoiding attacks, he can still be hit and this is not a perfect defence, it is not an immediate ■■■■■ and this reveals his inner bits to attacks.
Being able to charge his scythes blade with shadow energy and release it, creating shadow shockwaves.

Being able to form shadow balls which he can throw and shoot.

Being able to form basic physical, weapons/items from shadows but they are released when he lets them go. He could possibly make controllable shadow tentacles from this ability but it would be very draining.

His mask contains Makuta Xadiret who can talk to him and through him if he allows for it.


So as you can see I have nearly fully converted Titan Takanuva’s build and also modified it in places.
Now then, before I go and get comments about how, ‘Oh, this is so boring’, ‘Oh it’s just a recolouring’, ‘Oh, there’s no skill in this’. Well HAH!
Guess what? This is actually really £^(&!#& hard to do when you don’t have access to bricklink at the time and have to use your own parts!
Also, the Titan Mata-Nui set is pretty much also a recolouring! It just has additional parts/builds and alternate pieces! Other than that the base of it’s build is pretty much the same!

So yeah, I’m going to keep this, I’m not going to take it apart and try to fully custom make some entire build, sure I’ll modify some stuff and replace some stuff (which I still have a few left to do) but other than that I’m just going to keep him as is. Because, here’s the thing, Tekan was inspired from Titan Takanuva, my orig8nal design for him was just a modified version of said character.
So yeah, I’m keeping him as is (except for the part switches). Because, heck, I’m happy with him and that’s all that matters to me.


The shoulders are gappy, as are the shins, and again it’s just takunuva 2008 in black. I’m not sure why this needed three topics


… dude, read the top. As for the why three, eh really there should’ve been even only two, the first was just because I thought I wouldn’t come have been able to modify him anymore for a good amount of time, the second was to show off how far he’d progressed, his scythe and the glasses joke and this third was to show the fact I had fully converted him.

Also, do you realize how hard this is?! I spent hours painting pieces that literally don’t come in that colour and I can’t spray paint them anytime soon because it’s winter where I am!
Yes he’s a recolour but he looks cool! Also, I’m planning on modifying him eventually and lower his legs, hand and feet builds have all already been partially modified.

Also, tell me of any, even just one Titan moc of this size (not larger!), with proper proportions & stability that hasn’t used something from 2008 Takanuva’s
build! Even Titan Mata-Nui did!

Really, I don’t even want to change him that much besides his armour and some of the happy bits on him currently, mainly because of laziness but also because finally making Tekan is something I have been trying to do for years.
I’ve made an HF version sure, but it’s crap. Tekan has been an unachievable dream of mine for so long and now that I have him I don’t want to screw something up, mess up his build or break something so bad I can’t bring him back.

So sure, I’ll modify him sooner or later but for now I’m leaving him as is (at least until I change his armour and possibly come shoulder armour) because I’m happy with him as he currently is. He looks cool, he took hours to paint and longer to build and he’s been someone I’ve wanted to own for a long time now.

Also, the heck she wrong with the shins?! They look perfectly normal!

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The proportions aren’t proper, the arms are too long and the head is too small, as for the shins, there’s a big hole in each from what I can tell

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Yet it’s still basically the same build as 2008 Takanuva’s as you said and the shins are basically the same as said build but there’s is a bit of a difference due to modifications I did to his lower legs.

ok, so:

  • the shins need better coverage. if you can see through the shin in multiple places, then that’s not a good sign.
  • the paint on the right thumb looks thick and overapplied. Try thinning your paints, since this looks hand-applied.
  • the shoulder connection needs to be revised heavily, probably by centering the connection instead of having it offset, and the forearms can be bulked out in the center more.

most of the good points about the design are carryovers from the original Takanuva, so there’s nothing noteworthy to say about them.

you could’ve and should have just made 1 WIP topic, and updated that. you can edit posts no matter the time limit now.

MOCing is hard, yes. it’s also rather satisfying, especially when one comes up with a fully unique idea, and is able to get it to work.

using elements =/= a few modifications to the original Takanuva, and recloring it.

this also just sounds like you’re making an excuse to deflect criticism.

there’s rather noticeable holes right below the knees, which look like there’s a chunk taken out of the leg.

your general tone to criticism has seemed rather belligerent; we're only pointing these things out so that you can improve on them.

The blue really sticks out of place imo

Yeah I know, but I’m not painting that, it can be spraypainted come summer.

@Sammythekat AH-HA! Constructive comments! Thank you!

Ok so I can see what you mean about the shins now that it’s been posted, I’ll work that out, I should have some actual free time soon so I’ll actually be able to properly search through.

As for the paint… yeah that was an accident, I kinda had to paint them later in the day and I was getting kind of tired so I started to rush them… not my best idea. Usually I’d spray paint em which comes out so much better but, eh, it’s winter.
So I’ll get those changed up later.

Thank you for the shoulder tips! I’ve just been kind of trying to stick on anything I can currently!
As for the arm, I am planning on changing those pieces up soon, I don’t mean to keep Tekan as a complete Tekan rebuild forever (or hopefully long) so I am trying to plan on parts to change/modify/replace. Just have to hope I have the right pieces.


Now then, the rest.

… I am an idiot… yeah I didn’t even think of doing that for some reason… Crap, should I just go and delete these and make them into a W.I.P. Post or is it too late for that?

As for the MOCing, yeah I know it’s hard, my secondary self moc Kelt was one of my more difficult builds. I’m just saying this is hard because I don’t have easy access to bricklink and/or other ways to get parts currently so I’m running on a limited supply of what I can either find or paint.

Yeah, it probably is, I’m just kinda tired and now that I’ve realized how stupid I am for not making a W.I.P. Topic I feel even more so seeing as how I could’ve avoided getting such on all three topics and only on one. Which, to my mind, is better for some reason… yeah I’m a bit odd…

And still, thanks for the shins point out.
As for being belligerent, I’m not trying to but I’m just a bit tpirritated that I keep getting the same comments about it just being a recolour, I know it is and I have even stated so in the description and such. I hate that he has to currently be despite how happy I also am to finally have him built.
Because, here’s the thing, I have been trying to make this guy without success for years and when I finally got the moc that had inspired him, and with it a chance to actually start to properly build him, no matter how simple or terrible, I was overjoyed!
So yes, he’s a recolour, yes he’s a lazy and simple build, but to me he’s special and I do want to fix him, I want to change his build and actually moc him, actually have a proper build for him, but until then I’m happy with what I have.

So that’s about it, I appreciate all of the comments, the help, the tips, they’re awesome! They help me so much and they’ll help me even more once I actually get enough parts to ‘fix’ him and I appreciate all of them! Even the ones I don’t care for I try to be kind on, so I’m sorry I got a bit rude, I didn’t mean to and I’ll try to keep it from happening again.

So, thanks. Thanks for the help even if my Self’moc’ is terrible, even though I’ve been a bit rude, even though it’s just a ‘lazy’ recoloured build. I’ll get him fixed soon, I hope.

So, thank you, and, I’m sorry.

They are still awkward and he looks like a 2008 Takanuva merged with a Von Nebula…

… ok now then that’s pretty funny! Actually had that thought pass through my mind when I first stuck em on but I just thought ‘Nah, I’m just seeing connections where I shouldn’t.’ So glad to see someone else did too even if it didn’t work as I planned… going to have to rebuild the arm eh? Eh, Welp looks like I’ve got another project to work on!

Is the same project…

Eh, actually I was planning come on ignoring him for a while to get on with some other builds but, eh, guess I’ll work on him some more while I’m doing so.

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Ah, too bad.


Why does he show up at the same time as Taku?
Why does there have to be two mask of shadows in existence?
Why is he a Takua clone?
Does this mean he takes Jaller’s place as Takua’s friend?
Why Does Teridax have a brother?
Why is he taller?
What is shadow warping?
Why would Teridax experiment on Tekan? That would be more along the lines of Mutran, Teridax would be focusing on other things, like taking over the universe.
Matoran can’t use mask powers.
What’s the point of having him infect roodaka? It does nothing but slap this character right in the middle of bionicle lore.
why is Tekan able to just shrug off Teridax’s conditioning? surely if Teridax says, go kill those people, then there really isn’t that much of a loophole to not kill those people.
Again, why does Teridax care? And why does Tekan emerge from the pool right after Teridax leaves?
How did he convince the toa he wasn’t evil? Why does Takunuva distrust him the most?
Why did Takunuva betray him? It sounds like you just made him the bad guy to earn sympathy points for the character.
Everyone feels bad if the hurt a friend or loved one gets hurt, that isn’t limited to your character.
Same can be said for feeling different emotions based upon the situation.
Why does he hurt himself, and how?
Where did this Makuta side come from? If it gives him an unstoppable edge in battle, then it just sounds like something tacked on to make him sound cooler. Which has been done countless times, and is rather bland.
How exactly are people expected to stop this Makuta side?
Since when was Makuta’s brother in the mask?
It’s mainly just a bland, edgelord, Takunuva, clone shoehorned into the original bionicle canon.


I know, I messed up topic wise, this was just to show that the main part og him was finished (i.e. finding all the proper colors/painting). Now I just have to take him apart and start to actually moc him… F^(&!!!

@Traykar Ok, while I appreciate all of the questions (many of which I have actually been trying to explain myself) let me just first tell you that this description is old as heck, while the written bit not so much the main bit of it/idea was made like years ago and seeing as how I never really had Tekan finished (still don’t) I never really worked on it as much as I should’ve, trying to fix that now actually.


Now then! On to the actual answers!

  1. Eh that bits a bit difficult to explain without some spoilers if I ever get the full AU/Tekan’s story out but what I can tell you is that it was kind of because of my own lack of knowledge bionicle wise when I came up with this and because, well, as you can see, he was insired a lot from Titan-Takanuva (AND YES! I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO MOC HIM! Just wanted to get a recolor so I’d have easy access to parts and also have somewhat of a self moc for now).

  2. Mainly because I liked the idea and it always bugged me how little powers were shown despite how Teridax was supposed to be one of the strongest and smartest Makuta yet all he really did was watch through shadows and such instead of warping around/related… and it worked with my guy. shrugs That’s about it.

  3. Same answer as question 2.

  4. No! Absolutely not! Takua and Jaller where still friends and after he later went missing and the matoran’s memories were wiped he was basically forgotten about.

  5. Eh, wanted to explain the second mask of shadows better and it’s less brother and more the way how Teridax called Mata-Nui his ‘brother’.

  6. Combination of inspiration and the fact that he’s basically wearing a mask made for only a specific Makuta, and the fact that he became a Toa due to sheer luck after being submerged in energized protodermis.

  7. Moving through shadows, oh sure there’s a limit to the distance and it’s not instant but it’d be a pretty useful power for moving quickly/getting through rooms.
    Another weakness is that without the ability to actually see through shadows its kind of hit or miss if you don’t have like, a perfectly clear view of where said shadow you’re heading to is, in you’re mind.

  8. Well the basics are the fact that, one, he was ‘surprised’ to see that someone had found the mask and even more so someone who could wear it due to how much mental strain it’d take, which would’ve been intriguing to such a being because as you’ll remember he did d his fair share of experiments, from the failed Morbuzakha recreation to the living energized protodermis being.
    So he wanted to see what made said matoran click, how exactly he could wield the mask and how far his mental limits could go.
    And really, once he managed to get the mental control thing-that-I-am-working-on going on Tekan it basically gave him a servant to do his bidding and allowed for him to keep an eye on the second Kraahkhan.
    So free servant, protection from and increased awareness of a possible weakness and a ‘punching bag’ that he could basically just vent his ‘anger’ o whenever the Toa-Mata were bigger nuisances than usual, such as stopping the Bohrok.

  9. Makuta’s mask and there’s a second reason for that I’m either still writing out or have written, basically remember how I also said both masks had to always be wielded or else if another being was wearing one they would suffer the backlash? That’s the reason.
    And, in truth it did basically nearly kill him when he did so.
    Also matoran can wield great masks but they don’t have the willpower/mental focus to do so.

  10. Wait… what? where does it say he infected Roodaka? I’ll need to rewrite that.
    I meant to put that he was basically forced to work for Roodaka due to Teridax’s experiments but he didn’t really do much due besides spying/reconnaissance to a couple ‘glitches’ in what was done to him, allowing for him to use any loopholes he found in commands given and due to the fact that he was a Matoran so couldn’t really do anything anyways.

  11. Glitches in the experiments and also due that thing I mentioned about the mask. Also I never did say he didn’t kill people, he has a number of deaths on his hands but he usually tried to limit it anyway he could. He was usually given ‘control’ over a small group of rahi and told to attack villages, usually to test Teridax’s experiments and to really just let Teridax focus even more on his ‘work’.
    He’d try to attack more protected areas or areas farther from most of the villagers but he always walked off with at least one kill when told, and it’s not like he always was told to kill, sometimes it was just to sow chaos, Teridax does still want to rule the universe.

  12. Teridax didn’t really care, just wanted to see if something useful would emerge, as for why Tekan emerged when he did… lets just call that plot convience and lucky timing on his behalf… just realized I forgot that Teridax would’ve been slightly… worried? curious? something like that, over why he wasn’t feeling any backlash… f^(&.

  13. Didn’t meet them at first, he escaped before the movie events and was discovered after, and the only reason they even decided to give him the benefit of the doubt was due to the fact that there had been reports of a black toa going around helping to fight off rahi and the fact that they met him fighting off a rahi attack.
    As for why Takanuva hates him the most, come on mate, he’d just fought off Teridax and all of a sudden there was this other shadow toa claiming to be good? pretty suspicious, and the fact that shadow toa are usaally considered the equivalent of Makuta or at least villains wouldn’t have helped.

  14. Story reasons, lets just say that there were more effects from Teridax’s experiments than even Tekan knew about and the couple that were revealed really, really damaged his standing with the Toa, a standing that would’ve still been somewhat unsteady due to the fact that he’s a shadow toa.
    As for the hurt/sympathy yes I know that and really… this part wasn’t actually fully planned when I was writing him out, i just kind of popped into place and developed from there in my head to explain a lot about my storyline I have for him.

  15. … $#!# Did I keep that? Yeah… kind of meant to remove that or at least explain it better… I was going through a bad patch at the moment when I was writing him out and I started leaking it into his backstory and such. (And no, I didn’t hurt myself, really I find it a stupid way to deal with depression and feel that it’s in truth just used to gain sympathy and make people care about you, it’s why I planned to remove it or at the least explain it a whole lot better.)

  16. No edge was meant and that’s the other effects I was talking about, it’s less a Makuta side than it is him kind of devolving into a more animallistic mental state where he loses a lot of his reasoning abilities and kind of just rushes everything, so power increase, yes, but that’s just because he can’t really pay attention to the damage he takes (think barbarian rage) but it makes him a lot easier to attack and ‘trick’/trap.
    This was also one of the bits I added in as a kid when I first made him and just kind of held onto.

  17. Yeah that bits being explained… a lot. It’s getting a lot more rewriting/explanation/related. Basics was that it worked as a loophole, Teridax’s ‘brother’ is still by technically wearing the mask but he can’t use any powers and it allows for Teridax to easily seal him away and also avoid getting any power backlash or having to find another being that could wear said mask and wouldn’t betray him.

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When the hell did I have time to write this?

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The legs are great! The arms… Also, didn’t notice it was painted it was so well done!

Ah ha ha ha… ha… This is, uh… actually an older version of this Moc. I just kinda… screwed up while uploading his, y’know, wip versions and made a number of unnecessary topics…

Here’s a link to the proper topic page for him: Tekan - Toa of Shadow, unofficial (and reluctant) leader of the Misfits/Toa-Unknown

Also, ey! Thanks for the compliment on the mask mate!

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