Tekkeden (Older MOC)

Haven’t made to many recent mocs but i thought i upload an older one i haven’t posted here :izakaya_lantern:



Not sure why it’s called Tekkeden but it’s cool nonetheless. Did you get the name from IBO or something else?

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The arms look to out of place, but besides that this dude is great.

I love the use of the flipped xplode head. I did that once on my Mad King MOC, but you pulled it off better tbh

I like the weapon shield and the use of the hockey chest piece works well

The overall design was inspired by IBO but i actually found out much later that the names were the same or something. (I haven’t finished watching IBO nor do i want to lol)

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I think the waist is a little busy and bulky when compared to the thin midsection. Also, the arms could use more armor to better fit in with the bulky legs.

On the other hand, the odd proportions are quite interesting and unique. I also like the equipment that comes with this character.

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