Tekram, The mutated asasin

His Race was a noble warrior race who get killed by Brutaka. Brutaka let just two alive one of them is Tekram. By the incominc of the Demons he swear revenge to Brutaka. The Demons believed him and gave him a Gift. His Mutated arm can create Plasma and got super strength. this makes him more dangerous. There is nothing more to say about him…sooo

Strength: 7.5
Pace: 5
Armor: Indistruktable
Power: Create Plasma, one arm super strength
Friendlyness: 6
Status: Alive
Family: Dead


It’s a nice MOC but I think the head may be a little large in comparison to the body.

The torso is bit too long and the head doesn’t work imo, but everything else is fine

Was the word “assassin” in the title mutated alongside the MoC?
Because somebody should totally fix that.

Sadly not possible, due to the way the boards blacklists words.

Anyways, the head is the best and worst part imo. It’s a great idea and can look great, but integrated poorly. Try moving the neck further up the head.

Points for using the Visorak shell as a head.