Telephone Drawing Game #2

A message is passed through text and pictures. As it moves through different people it gets more distorted. The game is to make a chain of people who send the messages and pictures.

Quick synopsis of the rules.
If you are an even number you are a drawer, if you are an odd number you are a writer.


  1. Draw a picture of the message you receive
  2. Send it to the person below you in the list and to me!


  1. Write a one-sentence description of the picture you receive.
  2. Send it to the person below you in the list and to me!

Send all messages via PM’s
If you are last, just send it to me.

Sign Up

  1. @Xing1870
  2. @Radiation-7901
  3. @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air
  4. @Omega_Tahu
  5. @AdamusTheFirst
  6. @War_of_the_Worlds
  7. @Mistah_Grammaticul
  8. @SwagMeister
  9. @777stairs
  10. @Hawkflight
  11. @ToaVoriki
  12. @Ninjanicktf
  13. @Apophyx
  14. @Matanui606

Also, feel free to draw pictures of dinosaurs and potatoes while you wait.


I’ll be a writer again!

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Can I try drawer this time?

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I would like to be a writer this time

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I’ll join again!

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I’ll join as another drawer.

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me pls

(Drawer, please)

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Oo oo sign me up please!


I’ll play again. As before, I’ll take whatever you assign me.

I’ll play, and I guess put me in as a writer :blush:

I’d like to go again, with whatever.

We’ll be starting soon. Any last-minute requests?

Getting here early enough, I’m choosing writer. I’d do artist, but I can’t photograph and/or draw every day. Writing, however, is easier.

If someone would like to switch to being a drawer we can start.

I wouldn’t mind being changed to drawer.

#We’re Starting!

woohoo lets go

Watching and waiting…

“Forgive the delay,Turaga.” I’m getting started now.

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