Television: Rules and Guidelines

Television has risen to become almost as prominent as movies in today's entertainment medium. I mean, people finally shut up about the Wire to then shove Breaking Bad down everyone's throats! And then there's The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and then the Netflix exclusives like House of Cards...

Basically, here's the place to talk about television. Rules apply, though:

  • Spoilers are not cool. Seriously, use spoiler tags as much as possible! There's always people that either haven't watched the entire series, haven't caught up, or are just waiting for the season to come out on Netflix.
  • No images or videos of overtly pornographic or violent content are allowed to be posted. I know, Game of Thrones is really skirting the line and it has loads of both in it. The compromise we've made so far is to let it be discussed as long as pictures/videos don't go overboard. There are adult shows for adult people, we realize, so it's going to be a little more lenient here...but not by much! So watch yourself.
  • Exclusive shows on sites like Netflix/Hulu/Yahoo (since they picked up Community) all go here, since they are made to be treated like a television show.
  • Rumors/reveals for future episodes or seasons of shows can also be located here.
  • Please do not link to an episode of a show unless it is on YouTube! We realize that we do link to alternate sites for Legends of Chima/Ninjago coverages, but that's because we ourselves have looked at those links. If the link is posted by a member of site staff, then it's okay, but otherwise, please don't take it upon yourself to do so here. This also applies to torrents as well; you can discuss them, but no links. They're not that hard to find people, I should know. =P