Tell me about Raptorcon

Hey guys. I was going to go to Popcon but i’m going to Wisconsin when this is happening so i’m probably going to Raptorcon. I tried finding info about this convention but i can’t find that much info about it. So please tell me if is as good as Popcon and if you have any photo of the convention that you don’t mind posting on here then please do it.

I did some digging, and it doesn’t seem they have a website, only a facebook page. Plenty of other convention site recognize they exist, but nothing more than that. So, I guess they might have images on facebook, other than that I can’t help you, sorry!

They actually do have a website i checked. Thanks for helping me ProfSrlolojohn but i found a con. Can’t wait to go there in my Rainbow quartz 2.0 cosplay.:relaxed:

I do have a question. Have you Cosplayed or went to a con?

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Nope, not really my thing. A con might be interesting, but it’s probably be a lego one. However, I live in South Carolina, the center of the Geek/Nerd desert.