Tell Me Your Weird Stories

Tell me your weird stories from events, outings, conventions, etc that have you experienced.

Do sleep deprivation stories count? I’ve got a ton of those.


I once had a dream that I got super invested in a message board of nerds obsessed with a discontinued toy line. Absurd, right?


Oh my. I thought I was the only one!


Now that I think about it, I do remember a crazy child with sunglasses chasing me with a gun!


Yep that’s fine. :+1:

Be grateful you didn’t dream about starting a YouTube channel, now that would be sad…

Last year we moved a friend’s sofa by hand via a busy road, so naturally we took some time to plonk it on the pavement, sit down, and confuse the hell out of the local drivers.


Alright, so almost all of them involve seeing things. A lot of times when it’s past 4 am I start seeing shadow figures from the corner of my eyes. Even if the lights are on, I still them from time to time, and they always manage to scare the ■■■■ out of me. There was this one time where I was doing work and had my earbuds in to keep me up. I have my computer in my room and to the right of it is the door a few feet away. So I’m just there doing work and listening to music, focused on my screen. I got to a track that had some pauses and was relatively slow paced. I turned to my phone to skip it and that’s when it happened. I swore I saw my door open and so I jumped from my chair. My heart was racing. I was about to yell, but it was long past midnight so I kept it in my head.
When I wasn’t seeing things in the dark, I was forgetting stuff. I once left the bathroom light on and when I walked past the door I thought someone in there. I didn’t hear anyone open it so I freaked out. Another time, I was in the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal at night. When I was done pouring the cereal and milk, my brain malfunctioned and so I put the cereal box in the fridge and the gallon of milk on top of the fridge. I didn’t notice what I did until I came back into the kitchen to leave the bowl in the sink. I was confused for a minute until I realized I put them in the wrong places.
Moral of the story, don’t do it.


Once I was leaning against my older brother.

It wasn’t my brother.


I do that too for example I sometimes almost throw away things like dishes.


for real tho insomnia-induced hallucinations are the spice of life

I once got a nosebleed from using my nose to roll a potato across a carpet.

I might have made someone develop a crush on me (which I later reciprocated) by hitting her in the chest by accident.

I have made eye contact with a coworker through a glass door and then licked said door.


one time there was a stray kitten


i took it

it’s mine now


One time when I was younger (a lot younger) I was at the beach, which in my case was a very rocky beach, and so I was climbing rocks and stuff and I fell off one and hit my head, really bad, anyways the next morning, after I had cried myself to sleep (I was really young ok) I woke up and my pillow was stuck to my head, maybe that’s way I like Bionicle…


That pillow was the Kanohi Piloh: Mask of slumber


Oof. :no_mouth:

An old lady fussed at me for standing in the middle of a store isle (I was not, it was even wide enough for her to go around.)

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I ate ketchup on a banana once, and to this day I firmly believe it tasted like poisonous flowers. I do not, however, have personal experience with poisonous flowers to verify this claim.

Everything about this is weird, except the potato thing. That sounds normal. But the rest just makes me wonder: Why did impact instigate attraction? How did the door taste? Did the coworker lick back?

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Excuse me what?

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