Telling the story (Bionicle 2015 Story + Media)

With Bionicle's return practically confirmed at this stage the question now arises on how the new story will be told. Will we see an online version? Will the comics and novels return? Or will we maybe see a Bionicle TV series? Maybe even a movie replacing the formerly announced Hero Factory film?

Leave your thoughts below, feel free to discuss story possibilities also.

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I think with Hero Factory's likely imminent cancellation, the Hero Factory film was always meant to be a Bionicle one. I also think a TV show is likely, and it would be a great deal of fun to watch the Bionicle story weekly.

I really hope comics and books return. I would not mind a few movies and perhaps a TV show. smiley

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I'm hoping the books do not make a reappearance unless they are written by Greg Farshtey, and one of the reasons a TV show would be great is that I wouldn't have to go track down each book each month.

I would love that as well. I hope it'd be like SW the Clone Wars 2008. I remember looking forward to it and at the end I flipped out when Ahsoka left and reminded me of Halo 4. Then in season 6, all of the others were bad except Fives for me. Fives was the last to go... But anyway, I'd love for another show to fill that part, and if its Bionicle, it'll have to be worse than Chima for me to not love it

I'd love a few new movies as I have all the old ones on DVD and VHS :3

I hope the TV show doesn't make me cringe, but it undoubtedly will. There will definitely be a TV show, but I hope there are books, too. I always enjoyed reading the books.

I'd love to see a TV series and Bionicle magazines. ~Detox

I'd say a magazine is unlikely, as it would compete with the Lego Magazine.

Matoro sorry about that. Let me tell you what I should have just posted. Have you ever read a lego magazine back in I believe 2006-2010? If you have you would probably have read a miniature bionicle comic that comes in the lego magazine but can be taken out. I was referring to those although I did a terrible job of explaining. Sorry to anyone who I confused. ~Detox

oh, that explains it. yeah, that's likely.

The comics always helped encourage me to buy the toys. I noticed that after we stopped getting HF comics in the Lego Club magazine (2012?), I hardly got any sets. So yes, a comic series is a must for me.

Mata Nui Online Game 3?


I think that's likely.

The comics were such an important part of Bionicle Gen. 1 (Is it safe to say that?). I think a lot of the way the story continued originally would be lost if they didn't make comics.

And definitely Farshtey books.

If Bionicle gets a consistent TV show I got this gut feeling the first 2 episodes or so will be quite disappointing. Then as time goes the show will improve (kinda like what Chima did only better). Also lets hope the voice actors wont make any of the characters sound obnoxious.