Well, there were those FPS moments in The Walking Dead Season 1. I'm not sure if that should be grouped in with quick time events or not.

Eh, shooting Kanoka disks at hoards of rahi or what not could be cool.
What I care about, however, is the game either tying up loose plot holes or showing us stuff/characters we haven't seen before.


I would like to explore the other non-set from Dark Hunters and the obscure members of the Toa Mangai.


alright this is how you save them all, you go to Gali first, she will go to heal Tahu, Tahu will go to help Pohatu, Gali will peal the Krana off of Lewa and all of you combined will fend off Makuta


Interesting. I thought it would take time for Gali to heal Tahu, which in my theory is why she or Tahu didn't do anything after I saved them.
I would think it is harder for Kopaka to fend off a legendary Mask Maker that tore Okoto apart, than for Pohatu to fend off a Skull Grinder, or Onua to hold back Lewa.

na she can heal Tahu quickly because she is the MASTER of water, plus Kopaka has super legs so he could probably kick Makuta to fend him off, also I like that Lewa does not get a skull spider attached to his face, he gets a Krana

I think Kopaka would probably lose in a fight with Makuta because he's clumsy.

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his body would trip Makuta


Save Gali first, since Gali can heal Tahu.
Have Gali and Tahu save Pohatu and have him help Kopaka fight Makuta while Gali and Tahu help Onua in removing Lewa's kraana thus allowing all six toa to fight Makuta.

Do you think that would work?

...and put him back into a deep sleep.


that could work

What have I done..

oh yeah you're the one who mentioned it hey Creep!


Kill Muaka...

wait what are you asking, do you have an decision we have to make?

Y/N = Yes or No (in older games... Mainly DOS ones as far as i remember)

soo yeah

no I meant what did you mean when you said kill Muaka (if I didn't know what Y/N means I think someone would come out of no where to punch me)

Eh.. fine

"You chronicler, and 2 Toa (Lewa and Onua) ventures to Ancient City once ruled by protectors of each tribe."

You stumble upon Muaka
He is blocking your way and acts Aggressively
Attack Muaka?
Y / N

Oh, well now I feel dumb, I'm gonna go with yes

Muaka is dying
"Lewa Is sad And fells angry towards you"
you were given 4 options
1. Don't worry
2. He tried to kill us! (Aggressive)
3. Whatever (Don't Care)
4. ...