Telrus, the Criminal

Here’s my Barraki moc:

Front view

Other angle render

Back render (To show you how the tail looks like)

Her name is Telrus, based on the shark motif.
She was originally a servant for Makuta Heryl before she got jailed for her crimes during her power lust. She was put in normal jail first but then she stabbed a guard and they all collectively decided to let Hydraxon deal with her.
She’s convicted of murder, terrorism, and vandalism.


what is the name for that colour on telrus

the white and red one

Custom color from SwampKryakwa’s Colorpack

woman pridak /s

this is a pretty nice moc!
i like the antennae, you
don’t see those on mocs very much.
the hands are a trifle simplistic,
but everything else is very nice.
Good Job!

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This looks more like a pre-mutation Pridak to me…


It looks a lot like Pridak, but it still looks good.

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Thats what I thought of going in, but this is pretty neat! I must agree that it looks like a pre-mutation Pridak though, but theres nothing wrong with that


Could imagine this being another member of Pridaks species. Very cool.


For some reason I cannot take that seriously, I keep thinking of the opening sequence in Hunt For The Wilderpeople…(s)he’s a bad egg…

As others have said, looks like Pridak really. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if you said they are the same species or have had the same mutagen effect. Overall nice Moc though, love to see all the creativity coming out of people using Studio.


i put the colour on my moc and then i rendered it but it came out dark blue

what do i do to fix this

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Are you sure that you use the right color, the right name?

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used the exact colour

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I think you should try to reach out to Kryakwa and ask about it, I can’t help much about this

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