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NOTa’s right; a little more tact would be appreciated.


Giving a different take on my previous revenant idea

Name: Hacktop

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hacktop takes the appearance of a hairless and completely translucent humanoid wearing a large top hat. His entire body and top hat is tinted white. Traveling within Hacktop and the hat are billions of microscopic lights, all of which randomly turn on or off. A good portion of the lights are on at any given time, so he gives off a small ambient glow. These lights seem to flow within a slow, unseen current and traverse everywhere with him and the top hat.

Powers and Abilities: Hacktop has an ability that he refers to as “Restoring the System.” Anything broken, in disrepair, in poor condition, malfunctioning, and/or otherwise nonfunctional that he touches gradually restores itself until it does back to its original or even pristine condition, if it has one. This effect can, for example: restore a busted car, regenerate a mostly burned away piece of paper, un-rust a piece of metal, or cause a bricked piece of electronic equipment to work again. Hacktop needs to be constantly touching the object in order for his ability to work. Hacktop’s ability also cannot work on any living thing, as he claims that they are “completely made of too much spaghetti.”

When in object form, Hacktop gains a small set of abilities. When on his linked human’s person, Hacktop can project a “chat box” within the human’s field of view. This chat box appears right on top the person’s eye, is transparent, and is small enough to not obstruct the person’s vision.

If Hacktop is plugged into a computer in USB form, he can access and modify any information or application that is on the computer. However, he can only do this with things that are strictly on the computer itself. This means that, for example, while he can access and change the computer’s installation of chrome, he can’t access the internet via chrome.

Personality and Motivation: Hacktop is an utter busybody and can’t mind his own business at all. He will ask nonsensical questions when he does this, such as: “Is that secure? Are the sure you didn’t share your password? What do you mean that account has administrator privileges?” Interestingly though, it doesn’t seems that he does this willingly, and treats his medilling like a job. Because of that, he claims that he has to do it, other his “manager and the customer will find out, and i dont like it when either are them are mad at me.” What exactly he is attempting to figure out or learn is anyone’s guess. He will become incredibly frustrated when anyone breaks anything, saying that: “the code is all busted now.”

Object: a USB drive


Oops, I’ll edit my message.

It is. Pretty sure that’s stated at the bottom of that section. Regardless, made edits to include the concentration on one thing at a time. If I need to reword anything for more clarity, I’ll do so the following week.

Though as for that other game, I have hopefully learned to be a better team player and player in general. Not certain by how much, but we’ll see if I learned anything from those tabletop trials. I can finally post in the favorite D&D RPC. But written RPs are still king IMO.

What can I say? I like to gamble sometimes. Besides, it will be a great test for–


I have seen your pre-edited sins.

To be fair, if I wanted it to be a true secret, it would have been a private message to the DM. Or told to no one, not even the DM*. But there’s always an off chance someone else’s Revenant might have a power that could reasonable learn the info. So it’s here for those sort of purposes. Because I’m lazy and can just point to here.

*Minus anything that would be important for the DM to know. Especially anything mechanics/abilities or important narrative bits.


How may I atone for this, my lord?

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Hhhhmm. I dunno, that’s a toughie. Might have to make some characters and join the game. Yeah, that might be the only way.



I think he’s right :thinking:


imagine such a thing
it is too terrible for the mind to comprehend :upside_down_face:


Name: Derek Fry
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: A young man of average height, Derek has black hair, usually combed with a slight part down the middle (and usually partially uncombed due to him hurriedly dressing for class). His attire consists of a T-shirt with a Star Wars poster printed on the front, over which he wears an unbuttoned plaid jacket, and a pair of khaki pants and a black belt.

Tools/Weapons: A gray Jeep, $25000 in a savings account and $1500 in his checking account, a backpack filled with textbooks and notebooks from college, a large duffel bag filled with clothes, a Swiss Army Knife®️, a flashlight, and a large bag of Lay’s potato chips.

Personality/Bio/Motivations: Having just returned home from college, Derek hopes to be able to take a few months of break before starting his final year of college. As his degree is in art (specifically illustration), he hopes to make a good portfolio during his free time so that hopefully he can land a job with one of several publishing firms he’s applied to. He decided to join the others at the CHAOS meeting on a whim, since it sounded like an interesting source for ideas he could use in his drawings.



Like with the other inexhaustible supply of cash, this just seems like code for “infinite money” and I’m gonna have to say no. If he somehow can’t touch his savings account, I don’t see why it’s being mentioned at all.

I don’t know why perishable food items in limited supply are a part of the signup

This coupled with the name makes Nar’Vala feel like a repurposed Halo OC rather than an actual Revenant.

This power honestly makes no sense. Why do things become 2d? What purpose does things being 2d serve? Is it possible for anyone to use these things when they become 2d?

This also seems completely unnecessary and doesn’t add anything to the character.

Ok yeah no this is just a Halo OC :dizzy_face:

Gonna have to say no to Nar’Vala, chief (halo reference :smirk:) although Derek Fry’s good aside from what I’ve mentioned.


All right. Really, I just made up some characters because people suggested I join. Since I’m already in a few RPs that are still somewhat active, I’m not sure if I’ll actually join this one. I’ll see about a new Revenant though.

Did someone reply and then get flagged?


Yeah it was an off-topic reply that didn’t bring anything of value. Nothing important


Whoopsie doopsie I forgot about this teehee :eye: :eye:

I’ll allow it if it’s just limited to that

As long as you can write it without it getting annoying, I have no issue :smirk:

pending that one change to your human character, Henderson Henderson and Hacktop are Both Approved.


You mean Togav and The Loop? Heh :smirk:

I think you should still join. I like your human character concept and you could probably make the Revenant work with a little adjusting


Alright, let’s try for human two. Should work better as Blockade’s opposite than Vyvian.

Human: Brickil Stritch-Hazeley


Name: Brickil Stritch-Hazeley; “Styx/Sticks”

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Styx is about 5’1" and on the slimmer side with a fair olive complexion. Usually wearing some makeup to appear paler and hide her minefield of freckles. Has dark brown eyes surrounded by a splattering of black eyeshadow. Her prescription contact lenses become more tinted in brighter areas, giving the whites of her eyes a more sickly grey look.

Her hair is a nearly black dark-brown and reaches down to her chest. It is kept mostly straight, though somewhat wavey, with 3/4s of it brushed to hang over the left side, the remaining hair on the right side being tucked behind her ear. Has a small pair of black gauges in her ears; sometimes additional earrings are put through the gauges. Wears a black, leather, watch strap-like choker; the band has small, silver eyelets around the entire strap and a small red garnet pendant attached to one of them. Her nails are also painted black.

She is currently wearing a black T-■■■■■ with the NASA logo, though this is covered by a bright green pullover hoodie with a white recycle logo on the front. The front of her hoodie is partially tucked into her form fitting black jeans, which has a tear on the right knee. Also wears a black belt and a pair of Converse All-Stars-styled shoes that go up mid-shin. She has customized her shoes to have removable high-heels. Similar to Heelys, there’s a portion in the soles that can be folded out and then secured to the back of the shoe via a clasp. When the heels are out, she is four inches taller.

When she isn’t wearing the green hoodie, she might be wearing a pink zip-up hooded jacket or some other “borrowed” coat. Usually has a T-■■■■■ of some kind, such as: a pink ■■■■■ with a rainbow arching on top of a white skull; a black ■■■■■ with white line scratch art with a lion, probably some metal band album cover; or an asteroid striking the earth.

Tools/Weapons: A large satchel-styled bag that can also be worn as a backpack. A pair of fitover sunglasses designed for solar eclipses; the lenses are also good for welding purposes. A telescopic back scratcher than can extend up to 26-inches, a pair of scissors, a small self-defense bat, level-two driver’s learning permit, an old smartphone with a cracked screen, some earbuds, minor makeup stuff, a telescope, and some gas station gift cards with enough money to buy three good bags of chips.

Personality/Bio/Motivations: The unhinged and radicalized teen, Styx is on the extremist end of environmentalists. She believes the planet is overdue for a balance patch and that it needs another meteor or catastrophe to wipe out most of Earth’s lifeforms - mainly humans. Keeps up on the latest astrological news, praying that the next meteor which zips by will strike the planet. Bit of a loud mouth, likes getting into fights with other activists and various authority figures.

Though she wears the symbols of positive environmental efforts, she no longer believes in any of them. And makes no attempt to change her lifestyle to try and better the environment or live out what she’s screams. Against anything nuclear, weapons or otherwise. Is trying to learn how to play drums and guitar, but has difficulty keeping anyone around to help practice.

Formerly Vyvian’s best friend, the two had a falling out as Brickil became more extreme. Styx tends to call her “Viv” rather than V-V or try to mangle the name into other sad insults. She tries to say these only at Vyvian, but has been slipping into her general vocabulary. It is uncertain why Styx is at the CHAOS meeting. Though she was invited by V-V, Styx claims she isn’t coming because of her invitation. Perhaps it’s to mess with V-V or she’s hoping there’s something to CHAOS she can use to make the moon come crashing down.

Potential Quotes:

“You don’t want to save the Earth! You just want to keep it nice and happy for humans rather than letting it move on past us!”

“Oh come on, you don’t want to be the next dino fossil? Imagine it! Our petrified bones could be museum pieces for whatever comes after us.”

“The important thing is that the planet will still be here. And maybe life of some kind. Just not the cancer called humans.”

“Our successors are going to be so much cooler. And they’ll think we’re based, because they won’t know any better! We’ll be like dinosaurs! . . . Wait.”

“Vip it!”


Just so you know, it would be one or the other. I wouldn’t be approving both Vyvian and Brickil.

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Right, I’m going with Brickil. Figured I could recycle Vyvian for backstory stuff and she just wasn’t able to make it to the meeting.


In that case,

Brickil Stritch-Hazeley and Blockade are Both Approved.


And with that being said, this is a second post serving as an announcement:

Signups will be closing on SATURDAY, April 13th.

Now when I say closing I don’t mean closing closing, but keep in mind how difficult it will be for new character pairs to be made after everyone’s, well, paired up. Y’know? That’s a whole problem in and of itself. Maybe if a chunk of new users wanted to join at that point, I could make an exception and let people in, but I’m not gonna make a bunch of OCs just so one more person can join.

I will likely start the RP then too, so stay tuned. :goo:

@Spawner @TheMOCingbird @Wild_Toa @ChubChub86 @keiththelegokid y’all either expressed interest or had characters drafted, just giving you notice