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Not long after, there were waves of cell phone interference which brought up caller IDs that didn’t exist. Nothing we did could stop or even stall the attacks; it was a relentless pulsing force across every cell network, and answering the call only resulted in the same silence everywhere. Only the landline users escaped uncalled.

Now all we have is the hope that somehow, this sort of incident doesn’t happen again.

Welcome to Tempest, Illinois: a small town with more rural acreage than people living in it. Old farmers desperately trying to get by, businessmen desperately trying to expand the small town into something more modern, and the youth who would rather do just about anything else.

Which was just tolerable for everyone living there until the incident.

With it came powerful entities of unknown origin, even to them: Revenants, entities of immense power and even more immense egos, each one specializing in a specific kind of ability almost akin to superpowers. Bound to their new hosts, Revenants are compelled to abide by their masters’ wishes, however they can prove particularly fickle if they and their masters don’t align.

And worse still, this incident has provoked the attention of the U.S. Government, which might not be too happy if they found out these things exist. Not to mention these Revenants all have their own unique motivations and goals, and none of them can seem to remember where they came from in the first place. So… Good luck!

You play as one of a group of teens/young adults who curiously attend the Communicating Harmoniously Across Our Souls meeting, suspicious held in the middle of the woods, becoming the unintended master of a new and powerful Revenant. You also play as a Revenant, a powerful entity compelled to honor the wishes of your new master. All Revenants will be paired with other players’ character howsoever I choose, so be warned. :goo:

A couple details about Revenants that is important:

  • They are tied to an Object
    Make sure you clarify in your Revenant signup what the object is that the Revenant is going to be tied to. It can be a watch, a hat, anything that can be carried with little effort. Note that this isn’t something the human characters already have on them; it’s simply the form the Revenant hides in to avoid detection.

  • They have a corporeal form
    Your Revenant isn’t some kind of wispy ghost; they can get hurt by conventional methods. They’re obviously tougher than your run-of-the-mill human by a good amount, but they aren’t invincible, and if their master dies, so do they. This corporeal form can float about and walk and all that stuff, but it’s either existing in corporeal form or hiding back in the object they are tied to.

  • They have to obey… somewhat
    As the master of your Revenant, your safety is in its best interests - how willing it is to cooperate is another story. A Revenant may not feel particularly inclined to assist on whatever shenanigans occur, but it will be compelled to act if the human character’s life is at stake - if the human character jumps off a building, the Revenant will try its best to keep its master from getting hurt. If you decide ‘nah, my Revenant’s not gonna care that his master’s getting stabbed to death’, then expect to be booted from the game.

  • Capabilities
    All Revenants are strong, roughly capable of punching through concrete or tanking gunfire. They’re more or less on the same playing field, meaning Revenant vs Revenant interactions will be down to the players behind both the Revenants and the humans involved in terms of writing skill to see who comes out on top. If you’re unclear in the moment what can or cannot happen, feel free to ask me.
    And, of course, all Revenants have a kind of superpower which they can share with their host. By entering into its master, a Revenant can give its master direct control over the unique ability it possesses, which comes in handy if some application of its power is hindered by a lack of knowledge - sometimes, direct application is far more efficient.

With that out of the way, here are the signups:



And a couple more things to mention:

I’d like to see some really wacky and out of the box Revenant powers. Not something basic and boring like laser vision or telekinesis, but really creative and wacky. I’ll also be tailoring any potential suggested buffs to the Revenants you may desire based on how powerful they are in regards to unique ability.

It also helps if you know you’ll be active on the Boards, since at least two other players will be relying on your being here consistently enough to respond regularly. Ghosting people for a couple months could bring the game to a grinding halt, so be careful.

Don’t forget, as well, that your Revenant doesn’t have to be a humanoid. You want your Revenant to be a blob of incorporeal mass? Just as long as I can tell what I’m looking at, go for it.

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, please make your human and Revenant characters as different as you can. If your human is an edgelord, and your Revenant is an edgelord, well that’s just boring, y’know?

Alright, make your characters, folks. And remember: …uh… …I forgor…

Approved Characters

EDIT: Signups are now CLOSED

If I get like five people trying to join at once then I’ll allow 'em all in, but otherwise probably not. If you missed out and want in, see if you can convince four of your friends to join I guess :man_shrugging:


sounds interesting, I might put together a character later


I’ll probably be joining this because I really like the idea

I may or may not have just PMed you a draft of my character concept :smirk:


I may join… but I already have a few RPs to post in…

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I might be able to do this…


Name: Dan Heng
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Dan has a very average appearance, with brown eyes, short, and scruffy brown hair, dressed in a plaid shir t, denim jeans, and a jacket.
Tools/Weapons: A swiss army knife, along with pliers, a screwdriver, a small hammer, and a small hatchet.
Dan grew up in the town, and has been working around meager jobs around while trying to work on his college tuition, having wanted to move on from the town one day. However, there is little to save him from his boredom, and so he tries what little there is to do around the town. He is more of a drama king, making things far more impactful to himself than necessary.

Name: Syn
Gender: Male
Appearance: A twisted metal form, with yellow eyes and gangly body, complete with deadly claws and a bleached white mask.
Powers/Abilities: He is able to channel his power into a deafening silence, which lasts about a minute. It takes the equivalent effort of an average person holding their breath for 30 seconds. He also has superior strength and speed, able to scale and jump.
He also has bladed fingertips, able to dice when needed.
Personality/Motivations: Syn has a morbid sense of humor, and will indulge himself in making his actions somewhat ironic or twisted, along with constantly mocking people, berating them for actions, and relishing in thrills. When he talks, he makes it personal. He talks down to them, as if he’s better. He can be egotistical, and cruel. He doesn’t like being told what to do, by anyone. He wants out, but he won’t allow for freedom with strings attached. But for now, he’ll do what needs to be done.
Object: An oxidized copper chain with a piece of smooth glass attached.

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Dan Heng’s good. Basic human, got just enough to build off of for the Revenant he’s paired with. Soon as your Revenant signup’s solved he’ll be approved.

Unfortunately, Syn doesn’t make a lot of sense. The appearance goes hard, but the glass powers are very undefined and unclear. Being inside a mirror apparently traps Syn unless it’s big enough for him to get out of, and if it’s not, he can only get so far.

While it’s definitely off the wall, Syn’s power doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of the RP. The setting is rural America; not exactly an abundance of reflective surfaces for him to muck about in, and if he’s leaving a trail of broken glass from the process, it’s gonna lead to him and his master getting found out.

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Just edited it.

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Name: Sarah Appleton

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Appearance: Clocking in at about average female height, dear Sarah Appleton doesn’t come across as a naturally opposing figure. However, for what her height comes up short for, her personality clearly compensates.

The aforementioned personality, really shines in her fashion choices. For one her hair is a vivid red delicious scarlet, with a long streak of granny smith green cutting through the front near the bangs. A delightful sign of caution displayed quite prominently, as for the rest of her clothing choices she wears a fascinating combo of hand made sweaters or, heavy jeans, and round rimmed glasses. Although when working the traditional flannel is kept for its practicality.

Tools/Weapons: While not something she carries on her person, she does have a professional throwing axe that she keeps right in the passenger side of van within a very good reach. Typically the ax comes with her to the back when she clocks out for the night.

She had taken a stint with dirt bikes, but unfortunately had to shelve her bike on the back of her van after it broke down. Due to a tragic insufficient lack of funds she hasn’t taken the time to give it the repairs it deserves.

She lives out of a wonderful Citröen Type H Wildcamp Camper Van lovingly wrapped a bright red, and fully furnished on the inside, mostly with products picked up from local farmer’s markets and thrifts.

Due to her beliefs in larger corporations she’s functionally technically illiterate, however she does have a Toshiba Mini in a bright red she was able to get by asking one of her previous coworkers to use Ebay. A cheap fifty dollar wonder in her opinion, of which she insists its the best computer, and that no one would need anything better. As for phones, she uses old flip phones until they break, which with how rough she typically is with them they don’t last long.

Personality/Bio/Motivations: The delightful Miss Appleton wears her colorful opinions on her sleeve, and in the case of her multitude of political pins in some cases quite literally! She’s quite the environmentalist, and is on a constant never ending crusade for home sourced products, recycling, and clean energy.

One of her little quirks is that she can be quite outspoken, and that does have the nasty little habit of detering people to her good personality. For some reason her more rash and easily influenced way of decision making hasn’t made her popular with her aunt and uncle of which live a lot higher north. Although, she does keep in touch over holiday cards and well worded letters.

The incorrigible Miss Sarah has been known for having worn a variety of hats after her stint in high school having done work for the local hog-farms, working as a barista at a small town coffee shop in the heart of Peoria that has since shut down, volunteer work for the Salvation Army, and lastly working for farmer down south of the town who maintains a plethora of corn fields.

One could accuse the young Appleton of being too single minded or too self-righteous, but clearly they mistake those qualities for a strong handed resolve in her beliefs.

(Revenant to follow shortly.)

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Not a bad power, but you’ll need to specify a few things:

I don’t know what this means.

How much effort are we talking?

I’ve never dealt with DnD, so I don’t know what this means either.

Welcome back from the dead, stranger.

You sure you’ll be active enough on the site to post regularly? If so, I’ve got no complaints with Sarah Appleton (as long as she doesn’t enter any potentially Boards-barred political discourse).

This might come in handy. :smirk:

Looking forward to that Revenant signup. :goo:


Of course, of course. What year is this set in? 2010?

Ha indeed.

I did plan for this character to be more proactive just in case, and also a little more prepared for the adventure at hand.

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for reference, about how many powers should we be aiming to give our weirdos? is there a hard cap or suggested cap or such


I changed it once more.

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I still don’t know what this means. What’s a comparable level of effort for a human?

The Message Boards, circa 2015

I think 2010’s a fair enough estimate. I haven’t set a hard date on it because I didn’t want to lock anyone into details they didn’t particularly want. But don’t worry about the rural town of Tempest; there’s no guarantee we’ll be staying there.

My suggested cap is one, just because your Revenant already has the ability to float about, tank gunfire, and punch through walls, but if you wanted to get creative, you could handicap that skillset in return for a much more potent power of some kind.

I’m also not saying that multiple powers are out of the question either, it’s just going to be harder to convince me.


A comparable level would be sprinting for 3 to 5 seconds.

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Well, that’s different per person, isn’t it? I imagine I have an easier time sprinting for five seconds than some people might.

No, if you want to have what is basically a short-range teleport (I still don’t know what that DnD reference is), I’d need some serious handicap that prevents him from just bypassing any and all potential obstacles in the rp, so he isn’t just nyooping through anything that’s too problematic for him.

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Are the Revenants newly created creatures, or did they originate from elsewhere? Or are these questions that will be answered in-game?


Revenants act and exist in a fashion which would indicate they’ve been around for a while, but none of them know how they got there or anything about their own past. They may be newly-created or they may not; assume whatever you desire to in order to create your character.

That, and much more. Unless it dies in a month :goo:


I changed it to something a bit more niche, and a bit less op.

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

idk if I’ll have the time (I know I didn’t the last time I signed up for an rpg on the boards) but golly this is tempting