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“Oooh, the righteous little girl. Thinks she’s special. How soon did you die? Do you even remember? Don’t worry, they’ll strip that from you soon enough.” Syn made an expression close to sneering.

“Are you finished? You clearly have something you have to really say, so just spit it out-“ Syn stopped abruptly.
“That is, if you could.”

“Hey, I don’t mean any harm. Could you please calm down?” Dan spoke.

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Monte paused, looking about for a moment as his mind tried to come up with a witty retort. He appeared to have landed on something satisfactory when-

Monte’s singular eye grew worried during the display, blinking a couple of times to get out of concern mode and actually process the question asked of him.

Honestly… I was kind of hoping one of you knew who it was.

Yeah, I know,” Monte sheepishly scratched the back of his spherical form with one wing, unknowingly moving the message from Striding Supervening Horizons out of view before he could notice it. “It’d really help if I knew a little more than I do. Truth is, I’m just about as stuck as you kids are. I’ve got a good idea of where we need to go to fix things up, but-

Well, I guess that detail isn’t important.” His wings shrugged. “Long story short, uh, okay question: who’s got the biggest car? van? something? While your Revenants can conveniently disappear, most of you-

Just a sec.” His eye smiled artificially at William before descending into a violent scowl as he rounded on Syn. The retort towards Pernille had made his feathers rise, but he was quickly growing tired of the repulsive Revenant.

Listen here, dieselmouth.” His wings angled back in his anger. “For some reason that dumb metal head of yours is too thick to comprehend what’s going on, so let me spell it out for you in nice, simple terms so you can process it faster.

You’re not just bound, you’re owned - you are property, you are chattle until we get this resolved. Do you understand?” His eyelids narrowed in fury. “That means Henderson over there wants you to jump, you jump. If he tells you to kneel, you’d better doggone kneel!” His monologue tried and failed to suppress a laugh in the middle of his words.

Now if that smarts your ego a little too much then crawl outta your crib and start acting like some of the other livestock around here - keeping quiet!” He snarled, thrusting one wing towards the ground to emphasize his point. “The ADULTS are talking, bolt-brain, and unless you can see the future like I can I don’t want to hear you chewing into Pernille any more. Got it?

Monte looked away with a sigh. “Who am I kidding… You’re going to go right back to your little comebacks and sneers, and your espousing and your diatribe… Or maybe you’ll try proving me wrong about you.

He finished with a glare over his wing and returned to William, looking in repulsion at Henderson as he floated back. “Henderson? Blegh.

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Pernille stared at him blanky, “None of that matters, all that matters is the tasks that have been set before me, and the lessons I have been instructed to give. Neither death nor memory has any bearing on that.”

Then with a turn as Monte finished his rant she turned to him, “And as for you False Angel, the Good Lord did not appoint you to reign above so I do not see it fit for you to reign below. If future sight is truly your gift than partake in what I shall do now,” with that she lit her first match.

It was bright, and snapped to life with an audible crack. Furthermore, the match glowed, emanating warmth all around the young child, and by extension to the entirety of the party.

The Matchstick Girl’s eyes stared at Syn, “Even demons are capable of learning even if they never obey,” and then it was done, her match sent flying towards Syn and landing stuck into the ground, “Now learn.”

Her ability now in full force, there was a brighter glow of light around Syn, and then nothing, to the outside party he was gone, trapped in her illusions.

The chamber Syn found himself in was quiet, eerily so, there was no dropping of water, whirring of some unseen fan, or even the squeak of some rodent. It was purely and utterly silent. The only sound to speak of being the slow whine that true silence brings to the mind.

Heavy wrought mirrors of silver stood, each on the six sides of the walls displaying his distorted and warped form, a testament to his demonic visage now pressed straight into his own face to see. Eyes of yellow stared back at him, of course with the same egotistical look that he himself stared down to others.

In the center of the chamber his chain, previously left to his owner, now lay stuck to the center of chamber’s ceiling, and if his hand lay out to grasp it, pull it down…well, it always remained, just slightly, out of reach. He was chained, like a mutt, the only options for movement was for him to spiral round his prison like a misbehaved dog he truly was.

There was no one to demean, no one to challenge, and for him? Certainly no way out.


Sarah stared silently as the going’s on proceeded and then whispered in a voice faint enough for her Revenant to hear, “He doesn’t know himself, we need to get the kids and leave. I don’t like the idea of the cube much, but we’ll just have to risk it.”

Ignoring the crazed Henderson, she glanced at Styx, “Sure, we can take Kip, just get him in the car now, and grab your angry friend, we really need to get going,” she spoke tensely her hand tightening on her axe as she glanced at the situation unfolding in front of her.


Syn was silent for a moment, then made a gesture as if he was to speak-

Syn cocked his head. His fingers twitched. He looked up, and then down. “There’s always more than one way out, girlie. And it’s not always the way we want. W̴h̵a̴t̴ ̵y̷o̴u̴ ̴w̵a̴n̷t̴.̴ ̶L̷i̶e̵s̷ ̴a̸r̶e̸ ̸l̶i̸e̶s̸ ̵m̷a̶t̴c̶h̴s̸t̷i̶c̸k̶.̶” Syn walked towards the mirror, the sound of metal grating against his fingertips, as thin blades drew themselves from them. He slid them across the mirror, the silver possibly scratching under the sharpness. Of course, it brought back memories. Bloody memories, of halls echoing of pain, of demands.
Of course he wanted to be free, but the dealer rigged the game and gave Syn his cards. Fairness? Cruelty? Where could there ever be a distinction?
He had been called upon many a time, by many fools who fell to their own dark desires. Idiots. And Henderson? He was next. He would fall to his own delusions. And so would Syn. He was always nothing. Was this new? No. Never. What was curious, however, was the little match. She beileve in herself. Now THAT, that was funny. Thinking she could get away, thinking she was free. She would never be. She was trapped, a skinsuit in a row in a rotting factory. But it did so much have to do with this factory known the world. It gave him sentience, the power to think. And he was always trapped, for so long. Because, in all of this, this beautiful, miraculous world, he had no body, no power, no feelings.
Never for him, to feel the warmth of the sun, or smell flowers, or to feel the hand of a loved one. No. Instead, he would see his hand, plunged into the gut of another, rather unfortunate soul, or feel pure unspeakable HATE. HATE?
“I bet you thought that every second you paid tribute to your god. But it doesn’t matter. Nothing ever does, in this useless world.”
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There was that name again – Revenant. Which means…something, important, probably. Or just a silly name for this grouping of cryptids, like whatever they call the SCP stuff.

Styx came very close to throwing the rock again when the anti-angel said no. The only reason she didn’t was that Kip was more important. She tried to encourage him to come over, patting her knees and motioning him to come. But she had to say something about Derek.

“Yeah, we know. It’s old news.” Styx said with hard eyeroll.

And killed the last chatter about the Racster’s. She thought.

“Did you tell the dumpling that or does it just know? Know what? Don’t answer. Just throw rocks at it for introducing you that way!” Styx told Derek, looking away from Kip briefly.

“HEY! She’s legally an adult, I’m in the clear!” Styx shouted at him.

She threw the other rock at him.

Styx nodded and then said to Kip, “Come on, let’s go for a ride!”



“Hey, dont take any offence, its nothin against you, Im just not a girl. Boys dont wear jewlery”

Cody looks over at Zenn as she is poking the stereo after getting out a couple eggs and some cheese. Explaining the stereo, he tells her “If its too loud, just adjust the volume with the dial there. The rest of the controls are pretty simple, triangle is play, double bar is pause, square stops it entirely and the other two skip forward and back.”

“Its the new CD I got from someone at school. Its a band my parents wouldnt let me listen to, but theyre super cool, theyre called Three Days Grace”

The creatures voice booms from down above, but it reaches Emm’s ears with a tone that would be gentle if it werent so loud. Still clinging to some glowing box that displayed several numbers, Emm nervously creeps a small bit towards the behemoth, testing in terror


Within Sarah’s pocket, the journal feels sickeningly cool.
A small sentence writes itself across her hand. The same sentence writes itself across the air in front of Monte.

What is chattle?

William squints and sets his jaw, and takes a deep breath that turns shallow halfway through. He tries to look at Monte and looks away. “Fine. Tell us where and we’ll go, find out whose behind this. Find out how to set you all free-”

He pauses and takes another deep breath. “-and send you all far, far, far away from me. Not like I had much of a life before, but I’d rather get back to that then get caught up in-”

He waves his arms towards everyone. “-in whoever you beings are?”

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“He…” Derek swallowed. “He knows everything.”

Monte’s eyelids radiated smugness at Pernille’s response to Syn…

…And then visible offense at her retort to him. Several times during her display he made some kind of noise as if to reply, but Pernille’s words consistently cut him off.

Whoa whoa whoa hey hey nonono,” Monte protested, darting over to where Syn had been and casting about for him. “That’s not cool. How do you expect Henderson to-

Oh my gosh.” Monte’s pupil suddenly dilated. “ARE YOU INSANE?!

He closed his eye for a moment, sighing as he did so to attempt to calm down. “Because of that stunt… Henderson will be stuck here for the next sixteen years. Styx if you throw that rock-

WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!” Monte bellowed, turning around suddenly and flaying his wings outwards, his eye scowling furiously. “You are seriously getting on my blood pressure right now. It’s been all of five minutes and already the accessory items are killing each other with magic powers. I don’t think I can put up-

One of his largest wings smothered his eye for a moment. When it reemerged it was significantly more tired-looking than it had been.

I need a breather.” Monte groaned. “First time in my life I’ve been called an Angel and a False angel in the same day. What if I’m just a guy who wants to live his life? What if I’m not a high school senior’s notebook doodle?

Entertain them.” Monte flew upwards, Derek watching him ascend with a concerned expression. “Apparently the kids need a chance to use their heads for five seconds before they realize I’m right.

Derek looked back to the assembled crowd with a sheepish wave. “Uh… hi. Monte please come back I don’t wanna do this-”

Monte suddenly rushed back down with joy beaming out of his eyeball, getting close to William as he oozes enthusiasm. “YES! Oh, finally someone with a brain! You must be William Pinbacker. Do they call you that because you don’t pin your hair back? Ah, whatever, doesn’t matter. Alright then!

Pernille, as much as I would like to leave him in there, we kind of need Henderson for this.” He mumbled over his proverbial shoulder at the fairy tale Revenant. “Okay! So, who else is ready to hear about this? I’d rather not repeat myself so get in before I get bored.


Zenn childishly stuck her tongue out.
“You humans are so weird…”

She nods a couple times with a thoughtful look on her face: “Got it. So it’s a magical music box.” She looks smugly at Cody.

She didn’t, in fact, get any of it.

“Very nice. I like your tunes, music man. Humans might be strange, but at least your music is good!”

She finally takes her eyes off of the curious music device and floats towards Cody with all the grace of an enormous extraterrestrial ghost with four arms. That is, not a lot of grace , bumping her shoulders into a couple cupboards and barely being able to avoid smashing her head into the ceiling. She curiously watches as Cody starts preparing breakfast.

“Need any help with that?”

She waits for his response and inquires:
“Tell me, Cody, do all humans sleep with a piece of paper on their face?”

Kay was unnerved by Ozymandia’s lack of reaction. He didn’t like being completely unable to tell what was on her mind. On the other hand, he had been unnerved throughout this entire interaction, so he was slowly starting to get used to it.

Sigh… great…

He was slowly regaining his grasp over the situation. As the initial shock of encountering a talking statue in his room started fading away, his usual confidence gradually returned to him. The prospect of walking ten miles to get to the location of that stupid meeting, while being accompanied by the least static Roman statue in existence didn’t seem very alluring.

“Listen, I don’t think that walking there is the greatest idea. You see, you… how do I put this… stand out a lot. If people see you walking with me, they’ll start asking questions, and slow us down even more. Folks over here aren’t used to seeing marble statues roam the streets.”

He thinks for a moment, considering his options.

“You’re a supernatural being, right? I’m sure you can make yourself less noticeable somehow.” He had absolutely no reasons to think that, but he couldn’t come up with anything else. He needed to give it a try. “You want to find out how you ended up here as quickly as possible, right? I can bring you to the forest on my motorcycle in no time, but you need to cooperate.”

Calling his old decrepit Vespa a “motorcycle” was a huge stretch, and probably a lie, but she didn’t need to know that.


Henderson just raises a single eyebrow and keeps his expression blank. He does remember why exactly he choice Syn, if he even choose him in the first place, but right now that isn’t a big concern to Henderson.

He slowly turned to face Styx, his expression unchanging. “Right…” He mouthed slowly.

Those kids are going to get into too much trouble.

For the first time is a while, Henderson was completely confused, and more importantly, uncertain about just what has happened. He stands there wordlessly for a moment, scratching the back of his head, before words finally coming into being.

“Soooooo… that’s a thing. Cool… Pretty cool… Those matches aren’t laced with something, right. They seem to be your shtick, I guess… Do you sell them by any chance?”

Henderson shuffles to face Monty, “Second question, just where in sam hell do you want us to go to anyways?”

Hacktop, for his part, was getting really really tired of Monty’s tone and general deminer, but being unable to find out anything. He figured that he wouldn’t be able to figure out anything by just analyzing from a distance, but it still upset him nonetheless. If Hacktop had the power he would ban Monte, but since he didn’t he was getting ready to enact a different way to get Monte to shut up.

And then Syn vanished. And forced text appeared from someone that clearly had hard drive access.

The shear suddenness of it all broke the already high and building tension rising within him, to the point that the only thing that Hacktop could do was scream wildly in frustration. Unfortunately, this bout of yelling wasn’t kept within his chat box with William. Instead, he screamed openly, loud enough that everyone could hear him.

“How! Just How! Why do you all have admin privileges! Who gave you all access! I am reporting you all to my manager!”


Will quails furiously under Monte’s gaze and barely manages to not collapse. He takes another moment and then pulls a notepad from his pocket, and a pen. “T-talk. I’ll record-it’s better this way. Better we have a-all we know down someplace for reference.”

He smiles weakly and his teeth chatter. “G-go ahead-”
He’s cut off by Hacktop screaming suddenly, yelling about admin privileges. Will stumbles back, the shock of the sudden sound almost sending him to the ground. “Just-just hold yourself together for a single moment, ok? We need to know whats going on here, and if this guy knows someone who does, we need to find that out.”

He glances at Monte but his vision is far beyond, his mind thinking on the future as the gun weighs heavily on his side. “And we gotta talk to them.”

A sentence appears on Sarah’s hand. The words are scratchy, as if scrawled rapidly across a page.

Need to know the name of the person he indicates. Can go alone without them, faster. Find out what’s happening, relay information to you.

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Excellent. Now, in the first place we-

Monte wobbled slightly in the air as he waited for Henderson to finish speaking. “Just a second, I’ll get to th-

Huh??” Monte suddenly jumped, only now spying the words floating in the air. Not having binocular peripheral vision didn’t help that much. “Uhh…

Monte looked quizzically at the car, then at the text floating in midair, then Henderson, then Will, then back at the car again, then back at the text again…

Okay, everyone chill for a second.” He exhaled through the lungs he didn’t have. “Let’s go in order of events here. Will, keep up, this is gonna get really stupid really fast.

As if it isn’t currently.

Last night you disgruntled youths showed up for a quick chat and a cult circle,” Monte began, gesturing towards all the assembled humans. “Which hey, no judgement, but now look at the mess you’re in, having to deal with me and all. And the dog was here too, I guess.

Well, now you’re stuck with a bunch of silly people called Revenants, and every single one comes off as a pretentious-

Monte cleared his throat he didn’t have, one wing laced on the lower half of his… ‘face.’ “Sorry. But at least I’m willing to admit we’re not exactly the most polite or situationally aware type. None of us are.” Something between a glance and a glare was sent to Pernille. “Only advantage I have over the rest of them is that I can see mistakes before they happen, which allows me to always be right. You’re getting all this, right?

Anywho,” Monte began floating about as he spoke, as if the information was already old hat to him. “I honestly have no idea who is responsible for all of this, but I know where we can go to get it undone, and so all you kids can go back to the lives or lack thereof you were accustomed to.

Now… William, if you could get Hacktop out of the car, and if Striding Superflv-” Monte sputtered for a moment. “Supervn- Superven- Supervening? Striding Supervening Horizons to stop hiding as a notebook, then I can get on to the next part. And Pernille,” He looked down at her, his pupil just slightly hiding behind his lower eyelid, “We’re really gonna need Motormouth out before I talk about etiquette. Where ARE those other two? I was so sure there’d be at least two more here


It doesn’t matter, the lesson is to be learned in the illusion, and Miss Matchstick is nowhere to be seen, and even if she was, she had no intent on listening to him.

Sarah walks up at this moment. She strides past the others and looks down at Derek putting a hand on his shoulder as she does so, “Alright bud,” she took a deep breath, “Send your friend “Monte” back into his box, he just said you could and that he had to listen, so force him back into his little item and let’s talk without him chatting it up ok?” she smiled, “It’s alright.”

Pernille smiled at him, “Well yes actually, I do sell them, three pence. I haven’t been asked that question in a very long time,” she shook her head laughing quietly, “Well, I suppose it’s been since…huh, I guess it has been that long,” she spoke, mostly to herself.

Sarah tapped the notebook, as if in acknowledgement.

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Sweet,” Styx said in quiet, shocked, yet excited tone.

Death just removed Snorlax from the playing field. Or at least, Styx thought she did. Honestly, it didn’t really matter because it was gone now.

“You’re the best.”

Until the anti-angel started yelling again.

Styx flashed a brief smirk at Monte as he left before her excited grin was back at Kip. She tried to not look at the white monolith, which Kip made an easy focus.

Though to Derek she said, “If that old man has a Pokeball, don’t you have one? Just tell your freak to return and chuck him in a river or something.”

“Ugh!” Styx complained. “Fine! Death, please bring the demon back from whatever you did. Let the two Kirby villains kill each other, we’ve got to go. Miss Appleton might change her mind about bring Kip if we don’t hurry!”

Blockade’s projected eyes return to their whole shapes before blinking in and out of existence several times at that claim.

He waits until he thinks Monte is done and asks, “How is protecting the universe from destruction a matter of silliness?”