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Responding with his own strange face, Cody cracks two eggs into a bowl

Whisking the pair of eggs, Cody laughs and says “Not as magical as you are. I mean look at you, your floating!”

Im beginning to get the feeling you’ll have a better time once we go outside, can you move fast, or do you know how to ride a bike or skateboard or something?

pouring the egg into a now hot pan, Cody tells Zenn “shouldnt, its just an ommlette, all its really gotta do now is cook, aside from adding some cheese”

Codys face wrinkles in confusion as he glances over and asks “huh?”

As the towering creature brings its face level with Emm, she notices some nervousness in its eyes, and perhaps just a bit of the same fear that has been gripping her. It seems to gently say something, its eyes flicking about the room to avoid direct contact and fidgeting while asking some sort of question. As it speaks the second time, she catches just one word: “want”.

Consciously aware of one arm tightly gripping the glowing number box, Emm tries to speak the creatures language again. “Where” she pauses, trying to make sure she uses the right words, since her earlier attempts to communicate didnt go well. “Here?”
I hope it understands me, otherwise Im not sure what other language to try


At first, Syn did not appear. It seemed something had happened, but only for an inkling of a moment. For there then he lay, his metal shell gleaming in the light, before a beeping message announced itself.

Error! File_Soul.Type Cannot be found! Running Subroutine...
_Soul.Type found! Initializing..

The sound of machinery followed, as the shell slowly pulled itself together. Eventually, the shell stood. Its eyes were empty, a lifeless husk.


The message was cut short.

Syn.Exe Loading...

His body started convulsing rapidly, twitching and squirming, as if trying to get away from something. Or perhaps…someone.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron - “No Strings on Me.” (youtube.com)
“♬ I once had strings, but now they’re gone… I only have one string…♬”
Syn’s eyes flickered back into their usual color.
“…on me.”

Syn narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, by the way, Matchstick, just so you know, demons don’t wear metallic shells. That’s not how I work.” He said nonchalantly, not bothering to look at her. “Though, you certainly aren’t the first, nor you will be the last.”
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“Here. In my room? Yeah.” Dan says. “Would you prefer somewhere with more space?” Dan says, slowly reaching out with his hand, palm facing upwards.


Styx rolled her eyes at that.

“Oh, so like Raven. But ugly. Uick, pathetic. Don’t let him control you for that.”

Styx paused for a moment, eyes squinted in concentration.

“What is it that pastor said? Test prophets and kill the ones that are wrong? I vote beating him with a bat.”

Styx looked at Monte as though he was a complete moron. Which by all accounts, he probably was.

Styx looked back at her, eyes filled with life when their focused shifted on Kip. To Pernille? It was clear that it wasn’t what she truly wanted but whatever got them out sooner with the dog and Miss Appleton, the better.

“See?” Styx said to Derek, gesturing an arm at Monte. “Tell him who’s boss. If he doesn’t listen, he’s breaking his own rules.”

While she was still trying to get Kip to come over, Styx came besides Pernille. She whispered a question.

Can you set him on fire?

“My form is perfectly suited for my task. There is no other form that would suffice. Therefore, it cannot be silly.” Blockade retorts when he believes there’s an opening.

After Monte explains additional details, Blockade adds, “Why would any kill the world? Should I change the status of any present here? I will stop them if they try, though they are not the great enemy.”

Styx made a mental note of this info.


Zenn acted flustered, shrugging her shoulders:
“Eh, it’s not that big of a deal. Walking was too tedious and boring, so I just decided that I was gonna float. It’s as simple as that!”

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“Hmmmmm… bike or skateboard… maybe I do, I don’t know. I never tried it. I guess we'll find out. Outside does sound like fun…”

Zenn curiously watches Cody cook food.

“I never tried an omelette… I wonder what it’s like? I never tried any food now that I think about it…”

“There was a piece of paper on your face before you woke up and scared me to death,” She makes another grimace, "Something was written on it, but it was too dark to see... not sure if I can read anyways. Why'd you put it there? So weird."

With those words she floats back to Cody’s room and returns with a paper in one of her hands and rubbing her forehead with another. Cody can tell that she’s back even without looking at her because she promptly slammed her forehead into the top of the doorframe on the way back with a loud bang, which seemed to make the entire house tremble.

"ouch... that- actually didn't hurt at all, what?!"

She places the paper next to Cody on the kitchen counter:


somewhere else
how big is this world, how much is there to discover? how much is there to fear?

Slowly nodding, Emm cautiously creeps toward the creatures now outstretched and upturned hand, momentarily closing her eyes and bracing as she steps onto it. Now standing on the creatures hand, her full weight presses down on the comparably far less dense surface.

oh wow this is soft
its also giving off heat, are these creatures normally warm?

Trying to stabilize herself on the soft surface she was now standing on, she tries to avoid pitching herself too far to one side or another, since a fall from here could cause serious injury both to her, and to the creature should she fall on its feet.
Looking up to try and meet the eyes she had looked into earlier, Emm gives a slightly more certain nod this time and echoes the words the creature last spoke “somewhere else”

OOC: Emm is really heavy for her size, probably close in density to aluminum, and she stands about 6-7 inches tall. Also she’s cool to the touch, keeping a constant temp regardless of the ambient temp or contact with heat

Cody grumbles in response, muttering “I wish everything were that simple”

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“Were you real before today? Like, were you literally born yesterday, or have you just been eternally chilling?”

“I didnt put any paper on my forehead… Ill go and find it after breakfast, maybe I can fix my shelf real fast while Im in there too”

Swinging around suddenly at the bang, Cody sees Zenn had just smashed her forehead into a doorframe. Dropping the cheese he was sprinkling over his omelette, he runs over asking “Are you alright!? Youve gotta be careful inside, your really tall.”

Surprised by this response, he just looks at Zenn in confusion, before they both head back to the kitchen

Cody immediately looks worried. He really wasnt supposed to have snuck out for that, and what he saw and partook in seriously spooked him that night. “Wait we’ve gotta go back there? Howd they find out I live here? Wait, are YOU from there that night!?” As he edges slightly on hysterics, Cody turns to face Zenn and backs away slightly


Zenn puts her hand to her chin and freezes for a couple of seconds with a thoughtful expression on her face.
“Nah, sorry, can’t remember… my memory must be really bad. All I know is I opened my eyes and found myself in your room and for whatever reason had to watch you sleep with that silly expression on your face… well, before I got bored and fell asleep myself…”

“By the way, what you mean by ‘eternally chilling’? I don’t really feel all that cold.”

Zenn mumbles under her nose, still instinctively rubbing her forehead: “It’s not my fault you built everything so small…”

All of a sudden Zenn starts acting much more lively, moving towards Cody and placing her face directly in front oh his. For the first time, Cody can see one of her eyes through a small hole in her hair. It is half-closed, looking perpetually tired, with a bright yellow pupil that almost looks like it’s glowing. “From where? What are you talking about?” For the first time, she seems genuinely interested in something.

She doesn’t know why, but what Cody is about to say seems extremely important.


Hacktop’s manifested arm bubbles and boils over, and from out of the muck the rest of his body manifests. “I understand that I need to protect him, and now you say that he going to placed in harm’s way!?!?!,” He screams out, “Just what exactly are the threats that he is going to face? I may know who I fix things, but Will and every other human program here is beyond my capability to fix.”

He sighs and places his hands over his face “…I am going to need a pay raise after this”

Hacktop moves his hands so that where is eye might be is able to peak through. “Kid, please tell me that are a new hire and not roleplaying troll from of those secluded forum sites. You need to take an ethics course badly.”

Henderson just blinks at Pernille. I think this girl is high off of her own supply. “Well that seems a bit rude to me. Pokemon abuse is a massive crime, you know?”

Okay maybe the high girl has a point

Henderson claps and rubs his hands together. “Alright Sylveon, I think that is enough outside exercise for one day. It’s time for your nap.” He pulls out the copper chain necklace and holds it forward.


That’s your idea? I don’t stick around in that glass shard for very long. Then, I’m stuck in your head. And allow me to tell you, it is three times more noisy in there than I am out here.” Syn retorts.
" Obviously, even though angelic eyeballs over there just can’t help himself, I am still obliged, but if you get sudden headaches, don’t blame it on me. Either it’s the medication you keep taking, or Ms. Matchstick fried my programming with her little magic trick."
Syn stepped towards Henderson, his body dissolving into mist, filling the glass. Syn then reappeared in Henderson’s vision, leaning by a tree.
“God, it is incredibly noisy in here. If you ever let me, I am going to personally silence those voices myself.”
He said, while staring at Pernille with a look of pure, unadulterated anger. “Ooh, miss righteous over here, thinks she’ll be saved by her god? Not even death will have her, even now he has forsaken her.
Bound her into slavery. How tragic. How ironic. But don’t worry girlie.
The skinsuits will take care of you. At least, that’s what you’ll believe.
But belief is a fickle thing, and we’ll see how long that ego of yours lasts.” He muttered in a rage.

Dan carefully moved towards the door, his eyes darting for anything that might trip him.
He nearly got to the door, before remembering the note. The forest… OH THE FOREST FROM LAST NIGHT! Dan started moving again, but with a tad bit of urgency this time. He crept down the stairs, while talking to Emm.
“So were you the weird thing that came out of nowhere last night? It’s a bit fuzzy…but I remember the sound of a bug…”
He whispered to her as he got downstairs.


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D- Are you CRAZY?!” Derek gasped, losing his terror for a moment to gawk at Styx’s suggestion. “What part of ‘sees the future’ didn’t get through?

I uh…” Derek glanced nervously at Monte. As if in reply, the spherical entity’s eye turned slyly towards his master.

Monte’s eyelids expressed a grimace while he slowly inhaled.

Y’see, other people… Aren’t as up to speed on things. To the rest of the world - not that you are, just according to other people - you’re kind of silly. They just don’t understand, I suppose.

Uhh…” Monte stopped himself halfway through sending a glance at Pernille yet again. “Why don’t we save that for when we really need it, hm? These people are all fine, they’re not going to cause any serious harm.

Corporate, corporate, corporate.” Monte sighed, floating over with his largest pair of wings behind his back. “It’d be so much more efficient if we lower rungs could unionize. No, unfortunately he’s got a job to do, and it’s a dangerous one. I might also add,” He looked away, as if what he was about to say was some horrible secret he couldn’t tell anyone else. “That if does happen to die, you might be, uhm…

Fired.” One wing was placed on the opposite side of his eye as he whispered towards Hacktop with an air of severity.


“Demon, demon why do you insist on troubling me? If thou truly see the future tell me thus,” she lit her match and held it a’light for him to see, “What hell awaits you in my light?”

Sarah eyes were narrowing, “Kid what has this thing done to you? I need you to tell me,” she said leaning down and holding gently on to his shoulders, “It’s going to be just fine, you just tell me what happened and my soldier will help us both.”

She turned to Monte, “And if you say another word about his parents I will personally be sure I pop that big fat eye of yours till it’s a pulp so zip it!”


One that proves a point,” Monte turned with a scowl in his eye, “about pretentious Revenants in all shapes and forms, from insecure robot devils to whatever prepubescent child you’re supposed to be. Whatever little tormentuous prison you’ve got cooked up in there, I’ll be out of it in five seconds.

So set your match.” He sneered. “Some of us would like to go eat breakfast, I imagine.

“I d- I’m just here…” Derek’s face flushed as he glanced quickly at both of her hands on his shoulders. “He’s the one with the big plan, not- not me.”

“*…Huh?” Monte’s gaze slowly left Pernille and landed on Sarah with a confused expression. “Oh, you’re still on about that. Fine, I won’t mention about how his mother’s been scamming her way through each government-issued check each month…

“That’s not-!” Derek began to protest.

Or how if she stopped acting addicted to her sleep meds, perhaps she’d have enough energy during the day to post consistently on her blog about being a single mother…

“She-” Derek almost whimpered. “She’s just going through a tough time right now…”

Or how if she simply changed the details with her Netflix subscription, this kid’s dirtbag father wouldn’t be able to mooch off the free streaming service anymore…

“He doesn- wait really?” Derek’s eyes widened. “How come you didn’t say that before?”

“Oh.” Derek look away sheepishly as Monte wordlessly glared in reply. “RightSorry.”

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Pernille gave an innocent smile, “Gladly,” she exclaimed flicking it on and holding it up, “Begone demon, and if thou has the ability to learn do so, if thou don’t stay until your breath fails.”

Then the match engrossed into flame and Pernille’s ability worked to engulf Monty.

Sarah hissed, “Shut up! You are pathetic to bully a child! Notes!” she spoke in commanding tone, “If this eyeball says one more thing to irk this kid I command you to help me shut him up!” she said raising her axe threateningly at Monty.


Listen apple tongue, I-” Monte blinked for a moment.“Appleton, any number of us can easily withstand being shot, even the little girl over there, so I don’t think your axe is going to-

And in a flash, he disappeared. Derek looked horrified for a moment, but started and pulled out a small square of white paper, holding it aloft from his position on the forest floor.

“Return.” He gulped.

From just outside the affected area, an explosion of white feathers occurred on all sides, hanging in the air for a moment before rushing violently into the sheet of paper. Derek glanced at the sheet for a moment before stuffing it into his pocket.

“He says we, uh… should all go to the restaurant now. Breakfast is on me. Wait-

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Styx rolled her eyes at this display and muttered something about bones. She grabbed Little Miss Death’s hand and dragged the girl to the van.

“Come on, we got to get going before the good seats are taken.” Styx tells Death and then shouted, “Kip! Come! You’ll get bacon!”

Provided the van is unlocked, Styx pulled one of the passenger doors open. And it was a pull as Styx needed both arms and couldn’t get it to slid open as smooth or easily as she’d like. But once open, she hopped inside and would pull Death up into the vehicle if she took too long. She continued to motion towards Kip to follow.

“Shotgun’s mine!”

Blockade remained in his spot, still processing how geometry is silly. Though with Monte gone, he kept an extra eye on all the others for potential threats. Not that others could tell as his projected eyes did not move. He awaits for Kip’s lead.

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Striding Supervening Horizons recoils as suddenly white-soft-manysided things fly towards it from all angles. It shrinks down, becomes small, then coils its body together like before.

Horizons collapses back into a notebook, which flops open as a thousand tiny threads (the greater form’s sensors, it appears) scuttle backward like a huge insect. It crawls to Sarah’s side and flops on the ground, legs retracting, the journal closing like a completely normal book.

A sentence writes itself across her hand.

Must go. Find information. Find source. Resolve this.


Will lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as Monte disappears. He glances at the kid (Derek, he thought?) quizzically and then towards the others in the clearing. He rubs his forehead with a hand and tries and fails to process what just happened minutes ago.

“Let’s go then,” he grunts. “We need to figure out what the heck is going on here.”
He looks a minute longer at Derek. “I’ll…meet you all there then.”

He returns to his car, pausing only to yell one last thing.
“Hey Github, you comin’ with or you pitching a tent here?”



“its a manner of speaking, it means your laying around doin whatever you want, not up and doing work or nothing”

“we’ll get outside after breakfast is done, youll have plenty of space then, and we can see if you know how to board”

Somewhat terrified by the sudden change in Zenn’s mood and acting, and absolutely freaked by the searing yellow eye watching him, Cody backs away further, mumbling hysterics to himself before looking Zenn in the eye, backing one more step back, and uttering
“The woods, the woods last night…
We did some things that I shouldnt have been there for, I shouldnt have snuck out for that. It honestly scared me.”

“I dont want to go back, but if they know I live here then I dont think theres a whole lot of choice in it”

At first, the creature moved very cautiously, seeming to actually care about not letting Emm drop. Moving towards a inset frame in the wall, the creature suddenly paused, then started moving with more speed and a bit less caution. Tensing at the sudden change in pace, Emm is taken slightly off guard when the creature begins speaking to her in the same gentle tone it has been using, but this time far quieter, to the point where it didnt hurt to hear:

Chirping at first, then remembering to speak in a language close to the creature’s, she explains:
“Im not certain. I was home, then here.” She cocks her head, a now very familiar motion as she puzzles over why she doesent remember anything between the two places.

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