Templar studio Makuta, all knowing being

Always liked this design for the Makuta, a power without a form, now I’ve redone the build with the energy flowing inside


originally thought you put the yellow there to replicate the color of the scene makuta’s original reveal takes place in.


Its ment to be that yes, when he’s the mask with all the flowing parts around it gives off that illusion

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In the original it seems to be Toa Mata parts flying around maybe replace some of the technic or add some more Mata pieces?

Good interpretation though!

Blue pins. Remove the blue pins.

Aside from that, it is very nice and a cool idea of using Keetorange to support the whole stuff, I only can wish for it being a bit bigger maybe.

Blue pins don’t matter idc about them and the size is how I want, blue pins don’t bother me when its not the main focus