Tenebrae Invictus

Finally, just in time for Invi’s birthday and with a few days to spare before he leaves the podcast, I have here a MOC representing the TRUE form… Of the Tenebrae Invictus.

In the TTV Crew MOC topic, I mentioned that the MOC for Invi was based on an old iteration of his character called “Makuta Invictus”. Well, after an influx of money and Bricklink orders, here is the version based on his most recent iteration.

I thought it’d be fitting to atleast make an attempt at this before he has to leave us all for his top secret missions.

Inviana Jones uses his power of infinite analysis to analyze the horizon.

“One v one IRL right now, scrub”

I hope you like it, Invi. And I really hope you like the custom-painted silver akaku too. =P
Now, for the obligatory group photo that’s needed to be done for the longest time.

Thanks for looking, n such.
Long live analysis. Long live Huai Snowball Fling.

(Sorry for random blurriness in some pics)



It’s a shame he’s leaving.


For how long?

Awesome! That’s a very unique mask and I rarely see it in use.

I wouldn’t know, but I think I read somewhere that he said two years…?
I feel awful saying this knowing I might be wrong.

2 years.
The Age of Invis is over.

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Inviana Jones. That should be what you call him if he ever comes up in conversation.


@Risebell Somewhat of a shame, what I’m gonna be doing though has much more priority : P

@Collector Yeah, they’re right, two years

@RangerSilver6 We had a Halo machinima idea years ago called “The Adventures of Meso and Mange (my old nickname): Inviana Jones and the Paradis Perdu (a custom Halo map)” and we spent about 8 hours filming half of the thing (and we hadn’t even got to recording audio yet), and then my computer got knocked down off the desk it was on and the hard drive broke so I lost all the footage and we never tried recording Inviana Jones again



Since I didn’t say before, thank you so much @Venom for creating the MoC, I knew it was quite a pain to get an Akaku for it and I love how it looks, the way it resembles the Toa Nuva form yet looks so unique and complex makes it way cooler, and it’s also amusing that you made a take on that glaive, as old of a weapon as that is.

Thanks for the birthday wish, too. ^^


We’re gonna miss you. Invictus Analysis was awesome.


In honor of Invictus leaving, Lego brought back Bionicle. I will miss Invictus. AND MAY THE HYPE TRAIN CHUG ON!!!


He will be missed.

Pretty cool MOC to honor a pretty cool user :wink:


In two years, make a gritty revamp of him, with like, a tattered cape/cloak, and other such scars and upgrades, to commemorate his return

Jokes aside, though, MOC’s fantastic, and since a Silver Akaku Nuva does exist, I don’t feel this is technically non-purist.

Technically it is, but either way, I dig it a lot.


Bye Invi, hope you do well on your secret missions and such!

Love the MoC, and I agree with @Nyran about how when Invi comes back, you should make a battle-hardened Invictus with the cape and stuff. =D


First off, awesome MOC.

Second, as someone who’s been watching TTV for awhile but is new to posting, I just want to say how hilarious the Invictus Analysis has been. I love it. Thanks for the entertainment, @TenebraeInvictus!


I remember this! It was one of the first things I did Machinima-wise, since you guys wouldn’t let me be on TTVTHM. I was the character Master Knight, and I had to be killed multiple times because the armor color was randomized on the custom Halo map we used. Good times.

The MOC is also good, Ven. The Akaku is nicely done, and I like how it looks in comparison to the Makuta version of Invi. Very nice all around.


My god we have so many memories.

How has this group known each other for so long? Man oh man…


Nicely done.

ha just like in the never ending fanfic topics
just cant stay alive for more then 5 minutes

bye inviticus (spelt wrong on purpose), your expert analysis will be missed by all
if only people would realise its impossible to have a third BIOLOGICAL grandmother