Tere, The Vengeful Apprentice (Bionicle Moc Slideshow) The Prime Database #7

The next episode of The Prime Database has arrived! In this one you’ll meet Tere, my self moc, in his Matoran form! I hope you enjoy!

Backstory: Like all great Toa, Tere once was nothing more than a mear Matoran. A skilled hunter who was forced to battle and fight his way to survival, Tere became close with his squad leader and mentor Toa Viara. However, even then, he was unable to stop her inevitable demise at the hand of Orus. Now with a student of his own, and a map leading to the most powerful secret in all of Lekra Magna, Tere is ready to set out on a long journey that he hopes will give him the revenge he yearns for.