Terestor The corrupted corrupter and The corrupted.


This looks bizarre
Color scheme isn’t consistent and the head looks strange with a long neck

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He is supposed to be a corupted, diconfigured toa

Well at least I got to try to make a costum torso

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Although I see what it’s supposed to be, so I guess it’s fine but the colors might as well not be random

I’ll give you that but try using technic pieces

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This is really cool


Honestly he holds no consistent look and appears very last minute. The designs are haphazard and nothing really looks good. I kinda like the concept though, and he could definitely be fixed up with some work.

things can look corrupted without being a mess
this is a mess and it needs fixing


The corupted, half deformed mutated matoran with special powers

So this moc is veeeeery messy. I think should be remade. You should start by… I din’t know… put some transparent claws on his feet?


That doesn’t help anything.

This MOC is a mess. It being corrupted doesn’t excuse it’s messiness. There’s a good kind of corrupt mess (which will have flow and unique builds into them and have consistent colors) and then there’s garbled up messes like this.

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So is he a badly executed combiner? Honestly it’s near impossible to make sense of. Calling that a color scheme would be incredibly inaccurate and the build is um … honestly I don’t even know how to critique this. I barely know what I’m looking at.


Better than what I could build

So I see what your trying to do, I used to do it all the time, but this community is very blunt, painfully so, I would suggest trying to creat a more stable build and cover up some of the gaps and better yourself a bit before posting on the boards.

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Not to be rude, but this moc looks awful.

His torso is incredibly gappy with an awkward build. the color scheme is messy, which could be fixed but limiting it to two or three colors. The hands don’t look like hands, and the feet are incredibly large. I mean, I understand why that was done (for stability) but they do not to bee that long. The little guys aren’t too much better either, all looking unfinished.

The little ones are supposed to look unfinished, and Terestor doesn’t have hands, just weapons

“The corrupted corruptor and The Corrupted”
oh boy…
Well, admittedly, this is one of your better MoCs. It definitely fills the corrupted corruptor the corrupted role well. Not the most cohesive thing, but, in this case, I don’t think it really needs to be.

That may be so but all of your mocs seem to look like this as in they are messy and random