Hello! This thread is for those who enjoy playing the sometimes relaxing, sometimes extremely exciting, and sometimes creepy game: Terraria! Talk about what you like and don't like, how much progress you have made, etc.

Personally, I love the game. It may not be able to compete with Minecraft's feel of exploring a three-dimensional world made of blocks, but its linear feel in a open world, as well as the broader range of items and locations and things to do, Terraria comes pretty highly on my list.

I just recently defeated Brain of Cthulhu, and have been making a huge amount of progress with mining from the underworld and making more advanced weapons and armor.


If you are just starting off, than Terraria and it's massive load of content is right for you. I, however, have owned the game for a few years now, and I've kinda gotten bored of it. Starbound is a great alternative for me, and if you liked Terraria you should definitely check it out.

iv playd that games

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I prefer Terraria to Minecraft.

Minecraft is almost no fun single player, while Terraria is based mostly around single person play.

Booted up the game once, and I didn't enjoy the movement speed. Booted it up again a while ago, and I spawned at night, into a pit that I couldn't climb out of, and died after zombies feasted on my brains (consecutive times). I prefer Minecraft.

I got this game on my tablet during a winter sale and I really like it. Wondering if I should pick up the PC version for a better experience, though (touchscreen controls, y u suck so bad!?). I haven't gotten very far, only beat 2 bosses so far. Looking forward to the future, though.

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I love Terraria. It's so great late game because of all the stuff onscreen and how exciting it is. My character is a summoner, which means he relies mostly on other things to output damage for him. Have a screenshot of him atop my castle of grandeur.


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I know I'm REALLY late t this topic but does anyone know how to farm chlorophyte efficiently? (the Dark green hardmode ore found after defeating Plantera).

Well, I just recently got the game from a friend, so much groveling, and I am really enjoying it. To some dieng all the time might put me off, but in this game I just wanna get up and do better. I don't have much, except since have only had it for a little over 24 hours but the bition of catching up to my friends drives me to play it all the time I can...

...On a different note, is anyone on the boards interested in a game night or something? It may be difficult due to my Australian-ness but I think it could be fun...

To anybody that only played a small while and didn't enjoy ; i didn't enjoy it much either in the beginning, so i go to the brain of cthulu and kinda stopped, but then i picked it back up, seemed kinda fun, and progressed to beating skeletron, doing the dungeon, beating the queen bee, and kinda stopped again.
Then about 3 weeks ago, when the 1.3 update came out i thought it might be a good opportunity to get back in with things. And that i did, i'm having so much fun playing, and i got to the point where i can beat the Golem in less than a minute, so i was wondering if anybody was up to do the whole Moon Lord Event with me.
I tried myself against the cultist, unprepared, and uninformed, and i got rekt. I still have a bit of items to aquire, such as the biome chest keys, haven't gotten a single one yet, and i have yet to beat duke fishron, because i haven't the things to summon him.

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I have only beaten The Eye of Cthulu, The Eater of Worlds, King Slime and Skeletron, so I might not be much help to you...

I've beaten a lot of the bosses on pre-harmode and recently defeated the wall of flesh, so experiencing hardmode for the first time. Issue is it has a lot more things to remember than Minecraft so i am having trouble adjusting and storing items.

This should help with that.

Aight, defeated the moon lord with minimum prep, it really not has hard, the lunar event itself is more of a pain.
I'm pretty OP now, farming the moon lord for the good stuff, got a spammable Nyan cat launching 300 dmg insanely fast sword, a sword that unleashes unreasonable amounts of OP stars that fall from the sky, an extremely practical and powerfull spell .... and the worst loot, twice, the little rainbow sentry prism thingy, ugh. Going for the yoyo and other good stuffs.

Also i have 4 extra portal guns, up for a giveaway. PM fo' da deets

Bumping this for show-offy reasons. A friend and I have been working on a Death Sickle Replica!

As you can see, s'not finished yet. Also Hi! I've been inactive for a couple months now but hey I'm here now eh?


I don't know what that is because I'm a pre-hardmode scrub...

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You know.

i own it and i love it to death

but i'm still waiting for a bionicle mod

so i can spark my interest


what do you think the destroyer’s mandables are supposed to be?
guns? metal kibble? blades?