Terratoise "Earth Mover", Creature of Earth

This is another moc from my quest to make mocs based off of the Bionicle art book. Like Ketrass, I did the best with the parts I had took a few creative liberties with this one as well.

Without further ado, Terratoise:

Unfortunately, I did not have any sort of golden dish piece that I could have used for the shell, so I improvised a bit.

Both of the stud shooters can be fired. of course I can’t demonstrate that because the boards hate .mov files. Foiled again!

And of course it has a unity feature

(also rip Onua’s hammer. I needed to use the stud shooter to make this guy)

Due to midterms and a bunch of other stuff going on in my life this moc has, regrettably, been complete weeks before I posted it on the boards. Comments? Criticisms? What did you like or dislike? Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. And there’s more concept art creatures to come! unfortunately though, “Earth Mover” is in pieces right now, as I needed his ball joints for another moc. It may be a while before I decide to revamp him.


too many gaps in its underbelly. other than that i like it

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I honestly would have rather gotten this than Terak

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