Terri-Bull (MOC)

So it’s been a while since I posted a MOC and I really wanted to show off my new completely original character that’s definitely not based off a transformer. I wanted him to have a Shogun type style and I feel like it works. And yes those are shoulder cannons.

so if you can’t tell the skirt thing is sewn (is that how you spell it?) By me. Plz no criticism on it I know the sewing sucks.OBLIGATORY OUTDOOR SHOT(S). And here’s a teaser for the comic! Comments, feedback, and questions are appreciated!


Looks cool, would like a few shots without the skirt so we can see the legs.

@AwesomeJoel27 Here you go!


Love at first sight

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This looks really nice!

Don’t tell me I’m the only person who thinks there are some parallels with AoE drift?

Also, I can’t unsee the nipple cannons.

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@MakutaTexxidos I think your the only person to draw any parralels between this MOC and anything. As for Drift, no I had no inspiration from him but now that I think about it they are quite similar. (And I think the nipple cannon thing might just be you.) As to where I actually got my inspiration well… Umm… I didn’t, hes mostly an originally idea. Yeah he’s got the Shogun thing going on (and there’s definitely some blue beetle in there.) I really just started out with the idea of taking Terri-Bull (The transformer.) And making him a bonkle. And to better show that here is a pic of him in his early build stages (the pic was for a scrapped part of the comic.) Though warning: Viewer beware your in for a scare!

If you look at the stitching it is teared

@Official_Zelda shush, your not supposed to see that./s
Yeah I’m not exactly a pro sewer.