Terrus, Master of Shadow

Terrus is back guys... for G2! You might want to check this out first though: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/terrus-toa-of-shadow-v2/14371?u=chaotictempleknight

Now, onto to the MOC:

Alright, before I start getting flak for making a shadow toa, this is G2. We don't know about other Toa yet, but I think it is safe to say that there could be Masters of Shadow. And if it turns out that there can't be masters of Shadow...then I'll just come up with something similar to G1 Terrus.

Anyways, some background on this version of Terrus. This Terrus hails from the same land as Will-ron: http://fav.me/d94bkyy. At first he was a normal member of Will-ron's team and even apprenticed under Will-ron before he became a member of the team. But while Will-ron was away, Terrus succeeded the previous leader of their team.

Personality wise, G2 Terrus is different from G1 Terrus. G2 Terrus is a firm leader and not willing to back down when opportunity arises. But at the same time; he is a bit nervous and will sometimes secretly ask for help from another member of his team. No matter what position he is in, Terrus looks up to Will-ron as his hero and strives to be a great toa.
In his off time, Terrus is very humble and polite, but maybe a little too humble...

The Weapon Terrus holds is a staff of Shadow.

This Staff, however, acts more like the staffs you see in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. But Terrus can use the staff as a melee weapon. And I just realized the staff resembles the Manus catalyst from Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss.

And for the sake of ease, the skull mask Terrus wears here is a mask of shadows. It just so happens to look like a skull mask. and now I wish I had the golden Skull mask. Also, Makuta to our knowledge doesn't wear a mask of darkness so far. It's either the mask of control or the mask of ultimate power.

Time for a back view:

I even made all of the gears black.

Let's do a comparison between Terrus V2 and Terrus, Master of Shadows because why not?

So a little bit of trivia for all of you. This wasn't originally going to be another version of Terrus. I wanted to make a leader for Will-ron's team and a Master of Shadow is what I wanted to go with. I realized I needed to make a G2 Terrus and thought "Hey! why don't I just make this Master Terrus and kill two birds with one stone?" And yes, I did note the critiques from Terrus V2.

So what do you guys think of the MOC? And if I am wrong on the lore, feel free to correct me. And I will make changes as necessary to G2 Terrus' back story


I dunno, since you keep by your word of only using CCBS for g2 this dude feels really simple. And yeah, you wanted to kill 2 birds with some stone here by making him Terrus g2, but maybe if it looked a little similar to the g1 version I would be more convinced.

Quite a change between V1 and V2. You sure they're related?
otherwise a simple, yet solid MOC. Fits into the G2 sets perfectly

My apologies if this sounds rude, but:

First thing: The technic Terrus is the V2.

Second thing: G2 Terrus is not a new version of V2 Technic Terrus. or at least, not in the conventional sense

Third thing: Here is the original Toa form of Technic Terrus: http://fav.me/d8mpuo2 something tells me you did not check out the topic for Terrus V2 that I linked in the beginning of the topic.

Anyways, yes; there are similarities between the two.... in my opinion at least.

Out of curiosity, how would you accomplish this?

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I can say for sure I can legitimately find nothing to really imply that these 2 are related. I mean, yeah that's a little harsh, but here's the thing, you could have added asymmetrical arms like on g1, similar-ish legs (things protruding from the thighs), silver and black, and not a skull mask. You could always paint a 2015 kakama.

Similar backstories, similar color schemes (black and a metallic color), similar armor placement, and same element are some I can name.

Truth be told, the asymmetry on Terrus G1 was because of a lack of parts on my end. I originally wanted to go with symmetry in the arms, but I couldn't. I could have done that with this MOC, but I didn't want to (for obvious reasons). But to be fair, I'm not against this idea. It is something I'll think about.

Actually a few people recommended that I should change that. Plus it wouldn't work with the gear function (which is something I wanted for this MOC).

I could...but I'm actually not fond of the Mask of stone. Plus I really like the Skull mask and I think it fits.

And that is how I feel on these points.

I like the similarities you put in the G2 version. There could be more of them, though, and a bull-skull mask may work better than the regular skull in this case.

I was thinking about using a Bull-skull mask.

Oh... Ok I get it now, sorry, slight misunderstanding.
Thanks for the clear up :smile:

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I got to admit this looks great.
The Skull Grinder Mask though doesn't look like it belongs there or is it the Skull Warrior Mask?

Aren't they the same mask?

Yes but I see them different because of the colors.

Well anyways, that is Skull Grinder's skull mask.

I've tried the other Skull mask (the Bull skull mask) and it actually doesn't look that good on him... in my opinion at least.

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Okay then try using Skull Warrior's Mask.
It's colors may look better with Terrus.


He has a point

We'll have to wait for that. I just ordered some Skull Warriors and it's going to take a few days for them to get to me

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