Tesla Effect’s Self-MOC: Takametru, Toa of Light

Third MOC I will be showcasing here is my Self-MOC during his adventures in the Nui Universe (G1 Universe).

Backstory time:

Known by many names: Michael, Xenon, Drak, Ori, Nicholas…but his ethereal Bastion designation was Dalerem Tesal.

Dalerem Tesal was the last resident of the Omega Universe to traverse into the Infinite Spiral of Eru Iluvatar. What seemed an eon of wandering the Omega Universe, finding his purpose and meaning in the mortal existence as a child of Eru, Dalerem and the rest of the 14 Initial banished archangles finally rejoined Eru. However, their experience in the mortal realm has left them forever marked and their original powers and existence never truly returned, for such was the price of their rebellion against their father and the creation of Chaos. Having first hand knowledge of what chaos brought to Eru Iluvatars creation, the 14 Archangles have formed an Bastion Order. The Bastion Orders primary missions were to study, monitor, and if needed, infiltrate the universes in which there was a disbalance of Chaos and Order.

One of many such universes was the “Designation: Nui Universe”. To be able to traverse the mortal realms, each Bastion member took an appearance of an mortal denizen best suited for their task at hand (to bring Chaos in an Orderly Universe, or Order to a near Chaotic one).

The form Dalerem Tesal took was of a being known simply as “a Toa”. The Toa of the Nui universe were its guardians and its strongest warriors which controlled various elemental powers (this Universes form of Crystaline). Being one of highest ranking Bastion members, Dalerem took form of a Toa which had the ability to control Light and channel it into raw energy. To best fit in with the locals, his Nui Designation was “Takametru” , inspired by the Great Neuron Metropolis of Metru-Nui.

Takametru´s mission: To prevent the spread of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the distruction of the Great Being Robot.


This MOC is contructed on top of a semi-standard Metru body base. 2004 was one of my favourite years of G1, while also being the year I started collecting Bionicle figures, its only natural I grown attached to the build and all the features that this year provided. However, there were some flaws with the Metru Toa Build that hindered form while having a wonky function (not being able to freeling move the arms in various poses). I have since added additional ball joint connections in the upper arm area so as to fix that problem (a fairly standard fix for Metru styled MOCs). In addition to the regular metru Flat Silver pieces (cause Bricklink stores in my country had no Flat Dark Gold pieces so I had to manage with what I had), I have added my one Knights Kingdoms armor shells and additional gribble to fill him up (since I didnt really like the overal skinny nature of the Metru).

Almost all of my currently modified or MOC builds have some sorta transparent round tile on their torso area and weapons, symbolizing their Bastion existence. The color of the gem differs with each build (cause color scheme matters).In Takametru´s case, its transparent clear. His primary colors are white and Flat silver, with secondary colors being dark bluish grey, bluish grey, black and a tiny amount of blue (in the disk and brainstalk area)

Also a scarf-cape, gotta have that to make the MOC look extra cooler.

Takametru´s primary weapons are his trusty Kanoka Disk Launcher and Lightsword.

The Lightsword is made from the Knights Kingdoms Sir Jayko´s sword (really like that piece). Also since I never had Toa Vakama, I had him have his Disk Launcher with a Glow-In-the-Dark Slizer disk with an image of a comet going towards the Beach Ball Planet (Other than the power indicator and the technic logo, I really like the cosmic background art of this disk, goes well with a Cosmic Being like Takametru).

His Lightsword is primarily used for close range combat, while the Disk Launcher for Long Range combat. The Disk Launcher can also be used as a jet pack, looking kinda like Angel wings when mounted on his back (totally intentional)…also both weapons can be stored on him, all my sets have that option (a byproduct of being a fan who started with Bionicle in 2004, the year of weapon storage galore).


What would a Takanuva-ish MOC be without an Avohkii (nothing thats what). The Transparent Glitter Avohkii is also a byproduct of my countries Bricklink stores not having the necessary pieces for me to create a Dark Gold Takanuva…however it turned out to be great, even better even. The mix of trans clear and silver-ish colors on the mask make it gel well with the rest of the color scheme, while also being the point which all the primary color schemes combine. Also the transparent mask looks awesome on light, and the tranparent Dark Blue brainstalk gives a ethereal presence to the MOC which would not have been the same if I used trans-neon green instead.

I always wanted to have an Avohkii, or Takanuva in general since I was a kid. The Avohkii is one of my two favourite Bionicle Masks of all time (other being the Mask of Creation).

Speaking of the Mask of Creation…

Additional Fun Stuff:
Here is a side-by-side comparison of my two Self-MOCs, Takametru and Ekimu (one for both G1 and G2 Universes).

Yes, Im aware my two Self-Mocs stem from pre-established characters. That is totally intentional since Bastion members take any form, it just so happens these forms are the ones that turn out to be famous.

Takametru with his fellow Metru Crew.

Takametru being all patriotic with thy national flag.

WHAT!? Good Guy?

Why you be photobombing!? Well in this case my version of Good Guy is an upgraded one where he also got an additional stinger tail to boot.

Takametru doing the Slavic Squat.

Takametru VS. G2 MOC Makuta

Well kinda, they are both Bastion Agents so at the end of a hard working day they mostly chill and file in-paperwork (yes even ethereal beings cant excape the horror of paperwork).

And here is my complete Bionicle/Constraction collection, mostly modded or fully customized sets. These are how I would have made most of the sets and in the future I will be releasing the rest of the sets images in their own separate threads.

Well mostly my collection. At some point I had more sets, but ether their pieces were salvaged for other things or they broke. All the ones that arent in the group picture of the living are in he Bionicle Parts Grave with Good Guy Kulta Guarding their remains.

2 Spooky 4 you. Here have a kawaii little pony keychain I found for the end to make you feel better. :blush: (sorry, didnt have any potatos in my house for the long post).

Hope you all liked the Self MOC presentation. As always feel free to share your opinions and feedback regarding it :smiley:

If you would like, head over to my DeviantART page for additional ART! :blush:

Takametru Main Group Theme:

Takametru Main Personal Theme:


Oh good guy. Anyways nice moc. It looks pretty nice, and that name cracked me up.

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Kindof a basic build, but it works really well. The silver and white work really well with the trans-glitter Avohkii. If I had to nit-pick, the waist looks a bit too skinny compared to the heavy armour look, I wouldn’t know how to sort it without a custom lower body, since the metru build is thin anyway.
Apart from that, nice work :+1:


Yeah, Im aware of that and it was somewhat intentional. Most of my MOCs and MODs are slight upgrades of the original ones. I dont have any set (appart from Kulta) that I have changed drastically and to be too freakishly MOCed (also dont have that kind of money to spend on parts)

Yeah, those are the limitations of the Metru build. I love the fact that its a proper upgrade from the Mata build (Nuvas just slapped some new armor), but it has its limitations, and skinny waist is one of them. But thats where art renditions will come in where Ill be fixing that problem :smiley:

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Though the base is a Metru build, I think the knight armor pieces really help make it look unique.

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[insert joke about being banned for political discussion here]


Not really a joke I get, but to each their own. I find it a nice way to get to know that this site has fans from all over the world by just visually indicating it with a flag. Dont worry, Good Guy steals the flags spotlight.

A good mod of the Metru build. Knights’ Kingdom pieces don’t see enough use, honestly. Good job!


Thank you all.

Honestly It sorta came to me when I figured out that the 2003 Nuva armor shells wont fit in nicely with the Metru build (too small, too skinny and the torso nuva shell doesnt go in well in the Metru torso) and I also didnt want it to have the same Metru armor shells. I was searching for some inspirations for the build on the net, and I found a specific Metru build image done by Brodlak .

It shows that the Knights Kingdoms armor shells can be used for the Metru build, and what you know, I already had a Sir Jayko at home (got him way back in 2005). the Armor shells friction in nicely (almost going in completely the pin hole), but because the pin doesnt go in fully, it gave me the option to place the 1x1 tile plate at the arm area and fill in the gap that exists when you add the arm moveability ball joints.

Also because my armor shells were in Flat Silver color, I was also able to find additional weapons and armor (including Metru feet and upper leg armor shells) and create the Flat Silver version of Takanuva…and It kinda looks nicer instead if I used Flat Dark Gold (which is harder to find on Bricklink).

Honestly, all my MOCs and MODs are a balance management of “how much money I currently have for bricklink” and “if my 4 countries Bricklink stores have specific parts I need”. Thats why I used that specific Bohrok shield instead of a typical Toa Iruni one, but again, it worked out well and that shield meshes well with the mask shape cause of those flat spikes.

PS: It really helps having similar pieces at home to see if the concept will work (in this case having another Metru set to see if the custom build would work).

Scarf/cape doesn’t add much, and looks weird from the back.

It fills up the neck area. But the reason it looks weird from the back in those pictures is because I need that scarf from not falling off anytime, otherwise I would tuck it under the other scarf part. Its actually those cloths you get with sunglasses, the stitching is tiny enough that it would look like something that a figure of his size would make and wear.

I tried to have the MOC without the scarf and honestly it looks very bare.

“But the thing they do best. Is beg for mercy. it’s just…adorable”
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I just really like Aurelion Sols music, its so cosmic sounding.

That name seems like something that would appear in the plot… This moc is really good though. Basic build but it looks great.

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