Testing new "studio"

So I wasn’t able to get my Makuta moc fully ready yet but I did add a few things that hopefully will improve the quality of my pictures. It’s realy cheaply made though.


I found that larger Mocs don’t work to well…

Here’s a better look at how it’s set up along side an Astalion

And finally an attempt at an epic scene
So do any of you think this is an improvement? I want to get a better…whatever I should call it called so I can present my work in the best way possible. If anybody has any tips I’d love to hear them!

Next up: The Curator


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Thanks. Didn’t really know what to put this in

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You’ve got the “plain white background” idea down. Ingenious use of the book, but the spine and covers create those distracting black lines. Also, you’ve got a few too many shadows. Have you ever tried creating your own custom lightbox, similar to this?


Thank you so much! I’ll Se what I can do with the materials I have. I’ll see if I can find a guide as well.

Way ahead of you my man. :smiley:

In addition, I recommend taking a look through this topic for some more general photography tips:

I love this setup! I wish I had something like this to take pictures of my MoCs. Do you use an iPad or an actual camera?

@legomaster1378 thanks for the help. I realy appreciate it. If I make any significant changes I’ll add an addendum.

@decepticonaiden I use a iPad to take pictures and that is the sorce of the shadows. It’s the best camera I have :confused:
I may be getting a new phone in the future considering the only one I have is a broken iPhone four.

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Well, now I feel better about taking pictures with my iPad since someone is using the same thing as me to take pictures!

Yeah, @legomaster1378 has you covered :stuck_out_tongue: