Front and back

The bell tolls for thee

Just a little scrap table MOC I made from the leftovers from Zenith.


Nice little MOC… But what’s the connection between it and Thanos?

Not thanos, Thanatos. Greek God of non-violent death. He has chains he uses to bring you to the underworld with.


Oooh, very nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like how this guy turned out!

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Very nice! The pose is perfectly creepy! And I dig those eyes. My one critique is with the flat lighting, bright background and shallow depth of field. This guy could really benefit from more atmospheric photography to up the creepy factor.

For some reason I expected to see a really cool recreation moc of Thanatos from the Persona series. My expectations never cease to disappoint me.

Literally my favorite Persona from Persona, btw.

Never played it, so I don’t know.

Strong recommendation to pick up the series, if you aren’t too familiar with RPGs or how the gameplay of the series works as a whole, Persona 5 is a great start and a great game. You can always start somewhere.

It’s also rated M, which is above what I usualy play. I almost never play anything above the lower end of T.

I wouldn’t worry so much about that, it really isn’t a violent or gory game I wouldn’t say.

Eh. I just don’t find games over that very much fun. The highest rated game i play is XCOM 2, which is a mid-T. That and Fire Emblem.

I can assure you that Persona isn’t anywhere close to how I’m sure you would imagine the game to be based on its rating, it takes a generally adult and serious tone at parts and the main character uses an airsoft gun. That’s probably the only reason why it’s M rated.

Which systems. and how adult?

When I say adult I mean that the darkest it goes is certain themes of sexual harassment and themes of abuse, with specific characters. (explaining any more than that would spoil some important stuff). The game isn’t graphic in the slightest however and most of that stuff is just implied.

If you are at all interested in picking up the game, it’s available for the PS4. It’s been out for around 3 years now (wow) so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with price. It’s also a critical and commercial success, featuring artwork and graphic design that blows basically every other game out of the water; if that means anything to your reason as to buying the game. If you enjoy playing Fire Emblem than it is most definitely up your alley.

Anyway we should probably stop talking here considering this is a Bionicle Forum site, so let’s either move it to DMs or change topic.

I don’t have one, so there’s that. I only have nintendo machines.

That’s a darn shame, you’re missing out on a lot.