Thanks, KyoryuYellow1138

I felt bad for having Kyoryu stay up until 4am drawing, so I drew him Kyoryu. I’ll eventually color and add Ruby into a different picture.

@KyoryuYellow1138 just finished Ruby Rose, need to finish her scythe though.


Dat crotch tho. Also, needs a Deviantart logo in the visor.

Thanks, m8. But that was my own decision, and I was gonna stay up late regardless of whether or not I drew it, for it was the weekend, and as @BeefJStag should know by now, I am a night owl. In fact, while I drew it, I ended up listening to the Hayabusa-Kun song 231 times. Yeh. I counted. Basically, it was a pleasure to draw, not a burden by any means. I may have come off as angered in the post I made, it was just a joke. Still, I’m truly flattered by the fact that you would draw this for me. Just, please erase what’s left of the lines on the crotch area and add a Deviantart logo to the visor.

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Yeah, sorry about the crotch area thing. When I drew the original, I wasn’t too impressed with the legs, so I shortened them to make you not look like Slender Kyoryu Yellow. It’s technically already erased, just still visible. It’s nice to know a fellow Night Owl though.

I still felt you need thanks though. I’ll do my best erasing the lines in the final drawing. BTW, just finished Ruby and Crescent Rose. Crescent Rose is the single hardest thing to draw though(for me)

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Claps in approval.

Also the torso’s too wide.

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Yeah, gonna fix that too in the final drawing. Now, I’m going over them Recap Review style and pointing out cons. Like the fact Ruby almost had a left hand on her right arm and vice versa. And that Kyoryu can’t have claw hands, but I’ll pretty much draw them the same way, but better, making THREE visible fingers.

Not one…

Not two…

Not zero…

Not 1138…

Not 328…

But three.

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See? Like this!

Alright, so since you’re looking for cons, let me help you a little.

1: The torso is still too wide, resulting in what appears to be Kyoryu Cyan borrowing the Deinochaser Zyudenchi.
2: Still no Deviantart logo on the visor.
3: The Kyoryuger suits also have straps on the shins like on the forearms, but there is the primary color on both sides.
4: (A note for later) The arms on the Kyoryuger suits are a darker version of the primary suit color (dark yellow, in this case), with a scale pattern, which you don’t have to do the scale pattern, but at least make the arms a darker yellow than the rest of the body.
5: The backs of the hands should have a small chunk of silver armor on it, If possible.
6: The belt should look less like the mouth of a dinosaur and more like this.

7: Move the “1138” on the ear to the forehead region between the ears above the visor.

Again, I’m just trying to help improve, not bash what you’ve got.



there are no words…


Allow me to explain.

So, the Hayabusa-Kun video is a few seconds less than one minute long.

There are 60 minutes in one hour.

It took me over 4 hours to draw.

4 X 60 = 240

I saw the video actually 231 times, not more than 240.

Therefore, it actually could have been like 240 - 250 views, but I took a few breaks, so that explains the lost time.

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I will make note of these con’s, and improve! I need to watch the show that Kyoryu is from. What’s it called?

(-- )
( -_-)




And before you ask, no, I’m not in it. Kyoryu Yellow is merely the result of me disliking the fact that Kyoryuger didn’t have a yellow member. The reason why I’m the Redundant Hero is that because there is no official Kyoryu Yellow, the suits can get away with having yellow accenting. A Kyoryu Yellow suit would have way too much yellow in the color scheme, making it redundant, in a way.

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Makes sense.

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What happened to this?


It’s still coming, just drawing Ruby’s face a second time is pretty hard. She looks like some sort of snake person if not done right. So that’s what the problem is. And making your head to scale.


Update: Finished(sort of(Ruby’s face isn’t colored))

Now I need to make a drawing of Forest(which I may or may not have already started)

Ruby looks terrifying. Other than that gr8 job.


I really should have just went off of the picture with the eyes rather than doing it myself.



Please do so.

It’s scaring the real Ruby.

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