That Guy With The Glasses

So, is anyone here a fan of the video content from Otherwise abbreviated to TGWTG

For the unaware, it's the home of Nostalgia Critic, Atop the Fourth Wall, Todd in the Shadows, Cinema Snob, and many more.

I'd love to know more fans around this community, common interest and all. So please, feel free to discuss it here.

There's the link to the site. If you haven't heard of them, maybe check out some of their stuff. It's reviews galore, though in a style quite different than our dear friend Eljay conducts reviews.


I still want Nostalgia Critic to review a Bionicle movie.


He should rip through TLR!

You know, there's actually fanfiction about this.

Hey, click me!

but I want the actual thing! frowning

So do I, would be pretty entertaining to see that smiley

I don't know what he'd have to say about them. They're all pretty average.

I don't think that their is much to say. That being said, if Bionicle were to eventually return (I am still a bit skeptical), I would love for him to talk about it in his "Old vs New" series.

Y'know, guys, that site has other contributors?

Uh, sorry, that came out pretty douchey. But uh, what I'm getting at is:

Anyone watch any of the other videos of the site?

Myself in particular am a big fan of Vangelus, Atop The Fourth Wall, Todd in the Shadows, Cheap Damage, and Familiar Faces(the last two are by CR)

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My favorite show on that site is "Sibling Rivalry" although I also enjoy ATFW.

One of the lesser known reviewers on the site reviewed Mask of Light. I can't remember who it was, though. I think I remember the link being on the bottom of the main page in January, if that helps your search.

Hey, look, an abandoned TGWTG topic!

Aside from NC/Bum reviews, I try to keep up with Suede's videos, and watch Todd in the Shadows when whatever he's talking about interests me.

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I love the Nostalgia Critic series. I'm so glad they're all back on YouTube.

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Was it just me, or is the Nostalgia Critic's new Matrix review kinda...not up to his usual standards? All he did was nitpick it to death while ignoring any arguments about why it's a great movie.

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Indeed, I feel his more recent reviews have been very lack luster.
Always focusing too much on some skit or whatever with those two friends of his instead of the movie, the formula has gotten old. I suppose you could say he's focusing too much on the NC character and not what he's reviewing.

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He seems to have gone too far on that spectrum Linkara likes to keep in balance.

He has big storyline/character sections, but safely out of the way until after the review, usually.

Unless there's a cold-open, which is rare, but it does happen.

Even then, it's usually pretty short.