The 10 minutes of cringe: Bionicles Go To JC Penny

Here, is a peice of Cringe brought to you from me in 5th grade. Let me just say, I didn't build the mocs, it was my older sister who did it.

If you can survive, post below. and get a prize!*
* May or may not get a prize

Altogether, wonderful cinematography, captivating characters, splendid locations, 11/10 would cringe again.


You havent finished watching it yet i see

No, but I would if I could....

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Why can't you?

Oh man... What did I just watch? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now where's my prize? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I'll think of one

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It better be a good one

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The cringe is stRONG

I watched the first ten seconds before cringing-do I win something?

You have to watch the full 10

I watched it all. It's say the least. I just have one question. Was CCBS even around at this time?


Basically everything I've made between 2009-2012 is unwatchable.

All I have to say about this is... wut.

That's not JC penny, that's a [stock photo]!


yup, I'm done

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What was your favorite part? Mine was when it ended


well, considering the feeling of sweet release I got at the last second of the film (I was checking the time constantly), everything else pales in comparison.

but if I had to choose for real, the "intro". It was kinda cute in the cringiest way possible

@Eljay should Review this fine piece of art from the past.


I can't finish this! I CAN'T!!! :sob: