The 17th Chronicler V4.2.2

Presenting the sixth version of my Self-MOC, the Chronicler V4.2.2!
I get that the build and colors and whatnot has changed dramatically, but to be honest, it was more of a construction issue than a "does it really represent me?" issue.
Unfortunately, I don't have any other photos. I'll take more, but what are your thoughts based on this photo?


As it stands, it's kind of hard to make one. :confused:

If you're the 17th Chronicler and @Chronicler1 is the first, which number is @Chronicler?

I am the original Chronicler. All the other ones are clones. As such, I am legendary and can only be caught with a Master Ball.


Well then. Derp. I'll get more pics and post them ASAP.

Pic is way too small

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zooming in, the Rahkshi thighs as upper arms look bizarre. Not bad tho

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Nice sword?


IDK, I like the use of Rahkshi whatevers.

he's very short...

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The photo you presented is way too small. Sorry, but you're going to need to take a better photo for me to say what I think.

How on earth did you take a photo that small?!

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Hmf, like everything important, I'll catch you with a premiere ball...

As for the moc, it looks solid, although like everyone else pointed out some more pictures would help, but for now, it looks good...

Here's more photos.